Why I Stopped Blogging

A lot of people have asked me why I stopped blogging for a period of time, and my only answer is this:  I needed time to recover.  I went through – and am on the tail end of – a horrifying divorce.  It rocked my entire world and made me question my credibility in every area of life.


So…I needed to stop blogging for a while, until I could get myself together and remember, again, the things that I truly loved in life…

…the things that I loved and that made me feel good before I was married.

I Have Gone Back To The Things I Love…

I have always loved writing.

I write songs.

I write poems.

I write stories.

I am in the process of writing a fiction novel – something that my dear friend Kiwianne McDowell will be happy to learn…

…but the truth is that divorce is painful.

It damages not just physical life.

It damages the SOUL…

…so I needed a bit of a time out until I could be sure that my writing would not be tainted with the pain I was experiencing.

Life Is Becoming Beautiful, Again…

I am not so bold to say that I am fully recovered, yet, but I CAN say, with certainty, that my footing is more sure, now.  I am clear, again, about what love looks like, and I am clear on the fact that God was not taken by surprise by the happenings in my life, last year.

I stopped blogging due to pain.

I am ready to blog again because of joy.

Christi Johnson

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