To Love Extravagantly – Inspired By Shalene Roberts


Today, I am sick.

I am not sure if I have the flu, strep throat, or some awesome combination or malaria, cat allergies, and bronchitis.

Regardless…this Mama is sick.

I would much rather be sleep than awake and writing, but my body hurts so much and my head is hurting from fever so much that I’m more comfortable writing than lying down, flat.

I will go to sleep after sharing this thought.  🙂

This is how my baby used to look…

To Love Extravagantly - Inspired By Shalene Roberts - 1

It’s Been A Yucky Day, Today

I stayed home from church, took 6 hours to write an article on my blog that should have only taken 30 minutes, and just felt like doo doo ALL DAY.

STILL…every time my daughter spoke, I listened.

When she said something funny, I laughed.  Really laughed.

When she asked to hang out with her friends, I let her…and I stayed up until she returned home about an hour ago.  It’s 10:40, now.  She left around 4:30pm.

I stayed awake when I wanted…needed….to sleep.


Because I love her, and she matters…not just to me, but to GOD!!

She deserves to be loved beyond my ability…

…and so I pray, “God, help me to serve her and to love her EXTRAVAGANTLY!

Once She Got Home, I Saw An Article About Mothering On A Friend’s Facebook Wall…

…and, now, here I am.To Love Extravagantly - Inspired By Shalene Roberts - 2

I am reminded that God blesses our sacrifices.

He honors our gifts of love…

…and though my daughter might not really be aware of the fact that the energy I spent on her today cost me a bit, physically, God knows it.

He sees it all!

My Deanna is the apple of His eye…and thus she must be the apple of mine.

And by His grace, alone, she is!

The article I read was by a fellow blogger named Shalene Roberts, and here is the quotation that pierced me in the heart…in a good way:  “…when I’m poured out, when my cup is empty, when I’ve given more than I have the capacity to give, only God can fill me back up with an abundance that enables me to love extravagantly out of the excess.”

It blessed me.

It inspired me to keep doing what I do…and to remember that His grace provides me what I need when I think I have nothing left.

I pray that is does the same for you.

Good night.

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