The Big List Of Facebook Groups – Business And Personal Groups

List Of Facebook Groups

This is a list of groups on Facebook where you can promote your business, get to know others who are entrepreneurs, syndicate your blog, and learn how to better be a home based business owner. Some of these groups allow for link dropping and some do not. You need to check each group so that you do not spam and end up getting kicked out of the group.

As a rule of thumb, do not EVER drop links into a group using an auto poster if you are not 100% sure of what the group is all about. I recommend watching the group for at least a week to get a feeling for what it’s about and how the members interact with one another. This is CRUCIAL.

Interact Appropriately In Facebook Groups

I cannot tell you how many times I have gone into a group, not knowing what they were about and made all kinds of comment boo boos.  You don’t need to do that. If you want to participate in a Facebook Group, you need to participate according to the group’s rules and take your time easing into the group.

The tone of almost all of these groups is set from the very beginning, and you’re not going to change how people interact. You didn’t start the group. If you can just remember to treat others as you would have them to treat you, you’ll be fine.Below is a large list of the groups to which I belong.

I really don’t know why I belong to all of these groups, but I seem to have gotten into the habit of accumulating them.  Like most, normal people, I really only participate in 3-5 at any given time, and my participation seems to ebb and flow, depending on what I am doing in life and in business.

I Interact In Facebook Groups According To What I Need

Sometimes I am promoting blog articles.

Other times, I need help with a life of homeschooling situation.

This list will continue to be updated over time because new and fascinating groups continue to be created each and every day on Facebook.  Without any further explanation, here are the groups and the legend used to understand how they operate on Facebook.

Legend For My List Of Facebook Groups

  • HI = High interaction between members and lots of conversation.
  • MI = Medium interaction.  Inconsistent likes and comments between members.
  • LI = Low interaction between members.
  • LA = Links allowed.
  • NLA = No Links allowed
  • HLAO = Helpful, On-topic links allowed, only!
  • SA = Specific activity REQUIRED
  • OP = Open (People will see what you post or comments you make, they can see you are a member, and links dropped can help your indexation in the search engines.)
  • CL = Closed (People can see that you are a member, but your comments and posts only show in the feed of other members.  Links dropped do not help you with search engines.)
  • *** = Very high-quality group.  Interact with caution until you completely understand the group’s purpose and can interact based on well-established rules.

Facebook Groups Are Important To Your Social Media Marketing Life

The number in the parenthesis is the number of members at the time of writing this article.  Please don’t be a spammer in these groups.
Special Reminder:  I will add to this list regularly.  Make sure that you are already logged into Facebook so you can access the groups and request membership if you want to.  🙂

Business Groups (Links allowed!)

  1. Internet Industry Blog (696) – LI, LA, OP
  2. Home Business (3,123):  LI, LA, OP
  3. Business (1,403):  LI, LA, OP
  4. Business (3,203):  LI, LA, OP
  5. How To Build Your Home Based Business (2,207):  LI, LA, OP
  6. Business (3,597): LI, LA, OP
  7. Women’s Business Mastermind Group (2,617): LI, LA, OP
  8. Fabulous Women In Business (71):  LI, LA, CL
  9. How To Build Your MLM Business Online – Create Endless Leads For Free (1,021): LI, LA, OP
  10. Home based Business (4,703): LI, LA, OP
  11. Advertise Here (3,706):  LI, LA, OP
  12. Advertise Your Business Here (7,133): LI, LA, OP
  13. Advertise Your Home Business (5,463): LI, LA, OP
  14. Make Your Own Business Become Big And Famous (6,516):  LI, LA, OP
  15. Business Women Divas (1,738): HI, LA, OP

Faith Based Groups

  1. Christian Business (2068):  LI, LA, OP
  2. Christian (10,234):  HI, NLA, OP
  3. Christian Network Marketers (605):  LI, LA, OP
  4. Christian Business Startups (323): HLAO, HI, OP
  5. Christian Business Group (1,782): LI, LA, OP
  6. Christian Business Networking Group (219):  LI, LA, CL
  7. Charlotte Christian Business Network (332): LI, LA, OP
  8. LiveWire Christian Business Network (712):  LI, LA, OP
  9. Christians In MLM And Sales (211):  LI, LA, CL
  10. Christians in the Marketplace (511):  MI, LA, OP
  11. Christian Women Online (6,559):  HI, HLAO, CL, ***

Blogging Groups (Groups to Get Your Blog Articles Syndicated, Indexed, or Both!)

  1. The Blogging Mastermind Comment Tribe (608):  MI/HI, LA, CL, SA
  2. Blog Engage (732):  HI, NLA (EVER!), OP, SA
  3. Mad Hatter Blog Post Sharing Group (49):  HI, NLA, CL, SA *** (Absolutely NO links allowed!)
  4. Blog Post Sharing Group (187):  LI, LA, CL
  5. Viral Blog Syndication Alliance (280): LI, LA, OP
  6. Blogging (1,744):  LI, LA, OP
  7. Blogging For Prospects – The Power Of Having A Tribe (638):  LI, LA, OP
  8. Empower Network Blog Posts (499):  LA (Empower Network Links only!), LI, OP, SA (Empower Network only)
  9. Blogging (204): LI, LA, OP
  10. Blogging and Syndication Tribe (20):  LI, LA, OP
  11. Ultimate Blog Challenge – Boost Your Blog Traffic (1,321), HI, LA, OP *** (Give and you’ll receive!)
  12. Blog (1,797):  LI, LA, OP
  13. Post your blogs and articles here for SEO (331):  LI, LA, OP
  14. Blogging Moms (1,202):  MI, LA, OP (For mom and expectant mothers)

Business Groups (NO Links Allowed!)

  1. Home Based Business Owners (2,629): HI, NLA, CL *** (This is a high-interaction group of the highest order.  Interact according to the rules or get banned, super fast.)  🙂
  2. Fearless Networkers (2,226): HI, NLA, OP *** (Another high-level-interacting group.  No spam is welcome in the least.)

Healthy Eating Groups (NO Links Allowed!)

  1. Juicer (785):  HI, NLA, CL, SA *** (NO links, whatsoever, unless they are related to juicing and are NOT selling.  No selling.  No spam.  Health and juicing ONLY.)
  2. Love Juicing (1,126): HI, NLA OP, SA (No links, but I have found some random links that end up in this group.  It is mostly high-quality, but junk does get in and doesn’t seem to be cleaned up too much.  Please try not to pollute this group.)

Facebook Groups Are Tools That Can Help Both Life And Business

Don’t mistreat your Facebook groups.  They can really help you in life and in business, and if you interact with the people in these groups well, you can make a name for yourself.   It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, an artist, a product creator, a parent, an educator, a medical practitioner, or any other professional or human being.  No matter who you are, groups can help you.

I will be updating these groups over time.  I could never put all of them in here at one time.  There are just too many of them.  Keep checking back for updates every few weeks.  I pray that this list of Facebook Groups has been helpful to you.  🙂

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