End Of the First Week In Class…

The First Week Was A Doozy!

This has been the toughest week of my life…professionally.  I have never, EVER been so confused while still understanding bits and pieces of what I am learning. The cool thing is that it’s Friday, and today was the day that the entire apprenticeship got together to talk about successes, failures, and areas where we can grow and keep pushing.

What was nice about today was learning that I am not the only one who feels like they are in over their head. It seems that that is the way that entry-level programmers feel (and established programmers, too, to some extent) because there is always something new to learn.

Here is what we did this week…

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Learning CSS Is Actually Pretty Cool

CSS Is Finally Making Sense To Me!

Each night, after I complete my prerequisite work for the day, I am surprised by how much fun I am having working through these early coding exercises.  I am pretty sure that Javascript is going to kick my butt, but – for now – I am really, REALLY enjoying myself.

The cool thing, today, was to see how using a separate CSS file helps make much of the coding work easier.  Instead of having to type the same thing over and over again each time I create a new paragraph, I can ensure that ALL paragraphs are in one font, all headers are specific sizes, and all my images are aligned however I choose them to be.

After YEARS of seeing CSS written out in my WordPress editor and seeing the editor navigation and not understanding exactly, I can finally look at it and say, “Ahhhh…I know what this is, AND I know what this does!!

It’s so cool!!!

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