How To Start Blogging, Step 1 – Buy A Domain Name

There Are, Indeed, First Steps To Blogging

The very first physical step in becoming a blogger is in purchasing a domain name. There is no way in the world to make your written thoughts visible to the world without purchasing one…

…and this article is designed to help you understand what a domain is and why it needs a name. Please pay attention, closely if you’re new to blogging.

This first step of many should help you a lot and keep you from making some costly mistakes as you move forward in your new career. [Read more…]

Why I Started Blogging Again…

I Have Missed Having My Blog Running…

…and that’s been a truth for some time, now.

Every now and then, I would log into this site and read over old articles just to remember what it felt like to be an active blogger.  It always felt good.

I was just starting to earn an income from my site and had begun to really get on a roll when I shut it down and made it private…viewable only by me.

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