Learning CSS Is Actually Pretty Cool

CSS Is Finally Making Sense To Me!

Each night, after I complete my prerequisite work for the day, I am surprised by how much fun I am having working through these early coding exercises.  I am pretty sure that Javascript is going to kick my butt, but – for now – I am really, REALLY enjoying myself.

The cool thing, today, was to see how using a separate CSS file helps make much of the coding work easier.  Instead of having to type the same thing over and over again each time I create a new paragraph, I can ensure that ALL paragraphs are in one font, all headers are specific sizes, and all my images are aligned however I choose them to be.

After YEARS of seeing CSS written out in my WordPress editor and seeing the editor navigation and not understanding exactly, I can finally look at it and say, “Ahhhh…I know what this is, AND I know what this does!!

It’s so cool!!!

My WordPress CSS editor has a navigator on the

right hand side, and it looks like this
Learning CSS Syntax Is Actually Pretty Cool - 1

The cool thing is that, when I click on the actual stylesheet, I not only understand the commands; I understand the syntax and why it’s written as it’s written.

Here’s a short piece of code, designed to style

the body of the content on this website.
Learning CSS Syntax Is Actually Pretty Cool - 2

Using A Separate CSS File Allows You To Save Time Coding

This is pretty simplistic if you are familiar, at all, with CSS…but it’s like a great mystery being opened to me…so please forgive the innocent excitement.

This CSS code simply says that the body – wherever it is found, across the site – will have a predetermined background and text color, a specific font and font-size, and each line will be a specific height.

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it can be a real time saver and organizer when used as a separate file and linked to your main HTML file.

There is some pretty complex CSS code that can be used, and though I have not yet gotten that far, I eventually will.

I hope to finish CSS, tonight, and move onto Javascript this weekend.

I have lots to do, but it’s fun, so far.

Thanks for reading.  I’ll be updating again before the new week begins!

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