I Am Incredibly Angry With Google For Not Sharing Keywords In Analytics!

Google Does Not Seem To Be Sharing Keywords In Analytics!  At All!

Ok…so you know that I am tracking my analytics to see where I am getting traffic and how.  Here’s the deal:  Google gives just enough information to me to frustrate me.


Even my handy dandy Webmaster Tools is failing me, right now.  Just…not cool.

My goal, today, was to NOT check my analytics.  I wanted to wait a full two days before doing it, again, but after a writing an article this morning, my curiosity was just too high.

Want to see what I found?

Because I Have Not Been Blogging For A While, I Had No Idea That They Would Not Share Anything!

I knew that there had been some changes, but I didn’t know how many there had been.

“Not Set” and “Not Provided” are two terms that I just don’t feel like seeing, anymore.  I would much rather have my keywords!  Now…I DO have a tool to see the keywords and the path people took to find the site, but it’s irritating to have to go use another tool when I want to see everything in one place.

Look at this…

Clearly, my site visits are UP!
I Am Incredibly Angry With Google For Not Sharing Keywords - 2


That makes me very happy to see that my stats are on the incline.  It’s a steady rise, and that’s awesome.  I can see in my mind’s eye the path that I need to be taking, and I might have to pick up my pace a bit.

That part ROCKS!

For people who feel like you need a special platform to blog on in order to rank and make money by blogging, I am praying that these early stats are an encouragement.  The truth is that all you need is consistency and a plan that’s already been proven.

For example, while the vast majority of my articles are written with keywords I am targeting on purpose, others of them are random and are just written for the love of writing and sharing.  Those “random” articles are also written so that I can pick up new, long tail keywords and see what sticks over time.

I am in the content creation phase of a new blog, so I have to kind of slog this out until I gain some real traction.  These early results are awesome.

Here’s what doesn’t rock, though…


I Am Pretty Sure That It’s Pointless To Be Irritated With A Search Engine

Instead of staying irritated, I went to check my other resource and found that, while I am getting increased traffic from the search engines, I am also getting a LOT of traffic from Facebook.

Initially, I was trying to downplay the social traffic because I thought it was all from people who know me, but I can clearly see, now, that that is not true.  Here is what Google showed me when I logged into Analytics.

This is a pretty nice bump up, overnight…
I Am Incredibly Angry With Google For Not Sharing Keywords - 1

70% of that is from Facebook.

I am also getting traffic from Google+.  I am STILL not sure how that is happening because I have not shared a single post on Google+, yet…but ok.  I’ll take it…and I’ll figure it out, later.

I am not going to drill down to figure out what all of this means, right now.  As I wrote up top, this is not a real update.  It’s more of a venting session.  🙂

What I AM going to do is scour the Internet to see how other bloggers are handling a lack of keywords from Google Analytics, because, while I am new to these GA changes, I know that others are not.  Not everyone took a break like I did.

If I had to guess, I would imagine that other bloggers are simply continuing to create great content…content that people want to consume.  I would also imagine that they are using supplementary keyword tools like I’m using, as well.

Regardless, this has been exciting and frustrating at once.

I can’t wait to give a real update, again, in a few days.

Thanks for reading!

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