How To Start Blogging, Step 2 – Buy Hosting

If You Want To Start Blogging, You Need Hosting

This article is designed to walk you through the steps of getting a host and is the second article in my new blogger series.

The first article is here.

Finding a host provider is the second step in your blogging journey.  I’m not going to get overly technical, here, but there are a few things that you need to understand about hosts.

First of all…you might be asking yourself…what IS a host provider?

Well, in layman’s terms, a host provider is a company that takes the domain name that you just purchased and puts it on a server so that your domain has the ability to have an actual, visual place on the Internet.

Your hosting can be shared or private.  Shared is exactly what it sounds like  You share space on a server with others.  Private is also exactly like it sounds.  You can have your own server.  The average new blogger usually gets shared hosting, and you probably should, too.

Bottom line…without a host, no one can “see” your website.

Beware: Not All Hosts Are Created Alike!

I learned this the hard way.  When I first started blogging, I purchased my domains and hosted them with the same company.

Now, I don’t do that…and the reason, for me, is simple: I don’t like to put all of my eggs in one basket.  I never assume that, because a domain name provider is awesome, they MUST be an awesome host provider as well.

In fact, I’ve often found the opposite to be true.

So…I purchase domains in one place – WhoIs – and I buy domains from another place – Host Duplex.

I Chose My Hosting Company, Host Duplex, For LOTS Of Reasons!

I have to admit…I’m pretty fanatical about Host Duplex.  Not only is the owner, Sam Jadali, a really kind human being, but he knows his stuff.

I’ve probably been one of his more annoying customers, but that’s only because I trust him to help me out when I really need some technical help.  I try to make that need for help very infrequent, now.  🙂

I used to break my blog once a month.  He always helped me to figure out what I’d done wrong and got me back up and running, again.  Now…let me be clear; he’s NOT the person to call when you run into WordPress issues, but when I was first starting in 2010, he made life easier for the complete newbie that I was.

I love the company so much that he even put my newbie testimonial on his website!  LOL!!

See my Host Duplex Testimonial on this page, here!

So…How Do I Get Hosting And What Should My Standard Be For A Host Provider?

If you are ready to go ahead and purchase your hosting, just follow the simple steps I will share after giving you a few guidelines for choosing a host provider.

I am a very biased supporter of Host Duplex, so if you want to use another host provider, please feel free to do so.  All you have to do is look up host providers on a search engine, choose one, and you’ll be set!

Here’s What You Want To Have In A Host Provider

  1. Great customer service.  Without it, if you run into any hosting issues, you’ll be stuck trying to figure it out, alone.  I’ve been there.  It’s not fun.
  2. Affordability.  If your hosting costs $25/month when you’re first starting, you’re paying too much.
  3. Integrity.  You want to be treated well.  If your traffic spikes, you don’t want to be punished and find your site taken down without your knowledge simply because you created great content that brought you lots of visitors.
  4. Uptime and Security.  You want your site to both be secure from hacking, and you want your host provider to offer exceptional uptime.
  5. Self-owned equipment.  You want your host provider to own their own servers instead of leasing them.  The reason for this is simply that it’s difficult to control what you do not own.  Because my host provider owns their own equipment, they can easily secure it.

Here is how to get hosting at Host Duplex

You just follow these steps, and you’ll be set up, sooner than you know.  It should not take but a few minutes to walk through the signup process.  Start on this page…and choose the “Business Advantage” option.

Business Advantage allows you to plan for the future and the potential of owning more than one domain in your lifetime, where the other option does not.  Once you click on “Order Now,” you’ll be taken to a new page.

Step one: Choose To Use Your Existing Domain. 

How To Start Blogging, Step two – Buy Hosting - 1

Put in the name of your domain the way I did in the image above, and then click the button to continue.  Be careful not to use the domain example, above.  Use the domain YOU purchased from your domain name provider.

This sounds like silly advice, but I sincerely did not know what to put in this box the first time that I did it.  Prayerfully, you know that my goal is to help and not to assume that you’re unintelligent.  🙂

Step two:  Choose how often you want to pay for hosting.

How To Start Blogging, Step two – Buy Hosting - 2

I told you this was simple!  I wish that I could write more, but really, I don’t have to.  This is easy peasy!

Step three:  Review and checkout.

 How To Start Blogging, Step two – Buy Hosting - 3

Make sure that you input all this information correctly.  I have not shown the entire page, but here is where you will put in your payment information, contact information, and choose a password for your cPanel – the navigation panel for your hosting.

Once you submit payment, you’ll get an email confirming the fact that you are a new Host Duplex customer, and you’ll get information on how to log in for the first time.

That’s it!

You’ve now purchased hosting!

In my next article, I will show you how to point your name servers to your new host, navigate your cPanel, and install WordPress for the first time.

Thanks for reading!

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