How To Keep Blogging For Passive Income When In The Startup Phase Of Your Blog

It Is Important To Keep Your Eyes On The Prize When Blogging For Passive Income

If you want to blog for passive income and financial stability that will carry you when times are tough, this article will help you to maintain focus in the early life of your site.  That written, let’s catch up with what’s been going on with me.

This week at work was incredibly hectic – and emotional.

Not only did my boss lose his job on the day that I was out sick, but my coworkers and I all got new marching orders on what we need to be doing on a day to day basis.  While I enjoy what I do, I have never been so happy to see Friday arrive.

I was EXHAUSTED….and I like my boss a great deal and hope that he lands on his feet quickly.

For the past two days, I have not had time to write like I wanted to, but I am making up for that right now.

The purpose of today’s article is to encourage those of you who might be considering blogging for passive income.  If you are considering it, you need to know that the startup phase is the most difficult one.

Keep reading to learn what to do in the early days of your new blog.

Blogging For Passive Income Is Simple When You Keep Perspective

How To Keep Blogging For Passive Income When In The Startup Phase Of Your Blog - 3When I started this blog again, I knew that it would be a hustle, but my goal has been consistent because I know what I accomplished the first time I started my site.

I was clear that I was headed to financial freedom through this site, but I didn’t stay focused like I should have, despite my results.  Thank God for second chances and redeemed time.

Not only were blogger friends who I enjoy a great deal regular visitors to the site, but I got lots of new visitors, as well.  Some of those people ended up becoming Facebook friends and friends in real life, too.

A lot of them followed me into business and made me some nice checks in the process…but what’s my point in sharing that with you?

The point is that my blog did the majority of that work for me.

I was nowhere around when people were reading and making choices about whether or not to buy the stuff I had on offer or come into business with me.

This is the entire point of passive income that is created by blogging.

You want a blog working for you when you are NOT working.

I’m here to help you see how to make that happen.

Here’s What I See Going On With My Blog, Right Now

It seems that Google is definitely more stingy than it used to be, but that’s alright.  The little I am getting from Webmaster Tools is enough to keep me moving in the right direction.

I know, now, to only write about that which is going to be most interesting to my target audience.  Those articles will be peppered with personal articles every now and then to keep me interested in what I am writing about on a regular basis.

The other day, I only had two keyword terms.  Today, I have five.  That upward trend will continue.  It keeps me excited as I continue creating new content for the readers of this site.

Look at my Webmaster Tools keyword data…
How To Keep Blogging For Passive Income When In The Startup Phase Of Your Blog

If you look at the image above, you can see that there is one keyword visible – “Christi Johnson.”  I edited the image so that you can’t see the four others…but don’t pay attention to that.

The thing to pay attention to….the really cool thing…is that I have five keywords ranking in the search engines in just a week back on this blog.  I will write based on what I see here and inside my other keyword resource.

But what does this information mean to you?

How can you use what I just shared with you to start blogging for passive income?

Take The Information That You Get In Analytics To Keep Pushing Forward!

Google gives you just enough information to get you moving forward.  It’s my suggestion that you get at least 20 articles on your website before you start really pushing in a specific direction.

Seriously, it doesn’t matter WHAT you write about on your blog.  Just make sure that it’s interesting to you and to your readers.

The making money online niche is incredibly crowded, but it happens to be one about which I am passionate.  As a single mother for the second time, it matters a great deal to me that people have a clear pathway to earning additional income when they need it.

Look…our economy is TOUGH.

People need solutions for financial freedom.

I am here to provide them those solutions by showing them how to create passive income through blogging.

At the same time, not everyone is in love with my niche…and they don’t have to be.  There are lots of niches that are fascinating to people.  Whatever you choose, I just want you to know that you can do this if you want to.

Google will most certainly point you in the right direction.

Here are some things to keep in mind about blogging…

  1. There is no overnight success.  Some blogs might do better than others a bit more quickly, but there are no bloggers who wrote an article on Friday and made six figures on Saturday.  Be in this for the long haul.
  2. Pay attention to your analytics.
  3. Monetize as SOON as you can.  Once you are clear about your value and can package it for people to consume, you need to MONETIZE!  Don’t delay because of fear.  It will most certainly cost you money if you delay needlessly.
  4. Make sure that your sales funnel, when you do create it, makes sense. There is nothing worse than confusing people as they are trying to purchase from you.
  5. Create content regularly.  Some people write every day.  Others write 2-4 times per week.  I want to put out at least 7 articles each week, even if I don’t write one a day.  I am not sure how long I will do this, but I DO know that the more content I put out, the more analytics I will have to guide my writing.
  6. Respond to the people who come to your site.  These people are not only potential new friends, but they might also buy your products or take you up on your offerings.  Never leave friendships or money on the table.
  7. Write longer article, sometimes.  The longer the article, the more you give search engines to work with in terms of giving you information.  Just make sure that your long articles are useful to your readership.
  8. Know that it will take at least 3-6 months before you begin to gain traction on your site.  That might feel like a long time, but what are 3-6 months of writing for a lifetime or passive income?

If You Need Motivation To Keep Blogging For Passive Income When It’s Difficult, I Hope I Have Given You That

There are most certainly going to be days when writing is absolutely boring.How To Keep Blogging For Passive Income When In The Startup Phase Of Your Blog - 2

On those days, get up from your computer, take a walk or a breather, and go find some inspiration.  Then…come back to your site and write.

Your blog will only survive with new content on it on a regular basis.

There may be people who really don’t understand your newfound passion for blogging.  Just be patient with them and carefully remind them that, according to Nielsen in 2012, there were over 181 million blogs around the globe.

Five years earlier (also according to Nielsen), there were only 36 million.   Every day, people start blogging, and every day, people find success over time.

Your challenge – your only challenge – will be to NOT QUIT.  You might have to take a step back and regroup.  You’ll most certainly be learning new things al the time.  Just don’t quit!

Persistence always overcomes failure!

Thanks for reading this article, and I look forward to having you back here for the next one!

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Christi Johnson

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