Green Organics’s Smooth Vitality Shake Versus The Competition Shakes

Forgive Me In Advance, My Friends Who Are Shake Promoters

UPDATE:  This article has been completely revised.  Please read to note updates.  I am no longer promoting Green Organics, but I DO continue to purchase some of the products because I cannot find them anywhere else.

Warning:  this article is not going to make me any new friends at companies that promote weight loss shakes, and I want to apologize to any of the people for whom I care who currently promote such products containing soy protein isolate.  I am very, very sorry if I offend you.  I do not mean to do so.

I only want to tell the truth and to educate others against what is a dangerous ingredient and also to help others avoid what has happened to me.  With that written…let me get to the subject at hand…

For those with dairy or soy allergies or intolerance, hemp can be a great alternative!
Green Organics Smooth Vitality Versus Visalus Shakes - 5

 I Became A Green Organics Customer Quickly. It Was What I Needed In A Shake!

Last Friday, customers across the country received the first batch of Smooth Vitality shakes from Green Organics International – a new network marketing company on the scene. It’s been one week.  I was one of those customers.

Green Organics’ mission is to be a company with integrity, a safe home business haven in the frequently treacherous waters of network marketing.  I joined the company as a customer and distributor within a week of looking at it, and I am now just a customer.   Anyway…what I was waiting for was the shake.

This article is a review of the Smooth Vitality Shake by Green Organics International and an explanation of what could become a highly controversial ingredient if people don’t understand what hemp seed protein is and how good it is for the body.

This article is also an explanation of why I don’t like the primary ingredient of many of the weight loss shakes being promoted right now. That ingredient is soy protein isolate, and you can find it in MANY of the companies that have weight loss shakes.

Ingredients in Green Organics International’s Raw, Organic Shake
Green Organics Smooth Vitality Versus Visalus Shakes - 2

Enter The Shake Dragon – Weight Loss Shakes With Soy Protein Isolate

Anyone who knows anything about network marketing knows that there are companies whose entire platform is based on weight loss using shakes. Time and again, the these types of companies claim that the way they process their soy is healthy and safe for people, but I would like to take a moment and address their claims because they are actually untrue.

I am very, VERY uncomfortable doing this simply because I am introverted and unsure of what the response will be…but I am clear that writing this information is right, even if it makes my stomach hurt. I just pray that the manner of sharing is good. I have wanted to do this for a while.  It needs to be done because people don’t know how harmful soy protein isolate is or what the long term effects are.

What you need to know clearly is that soy protein isolate is a waste product.  It is the last line in the chain of soybean production.  It is no longer a food, and it has been broken down in ways that make it unnatural and dangerous to consume.  After the oils and the fiber have been removed from the bean by alkalizing it, the leftover mixture is further separated by being washed in acid inside of an aluminum container.

Aluminum – which is also unhealthy for people – is ALWAYS leached into the mixture and remains in the final product. The mixture is alkalized again, and that final alkalizing makes it curdle. The curd is sprayed at a high temperature to create a powered “protein product.”  This is final protein product is soy protein isolate, and it is further processed with chemicals to make it suitable for use in food, milk, burgers, shakes, etc.

In truth, soy protein isolate helps people lose weight so easily because the body wants to get rid of it by any means possible.  If you are going to the bathroom all the time taking this product, you’re really boo boo-ing your way to weight loss and not doing anything that is truthfully healthy.

Soy Protein Isolate Will Not Improve Fertility!

Of course there are people who have no problems when they first start taking the product. There are always exceptions to the rule, but those exceptions don’t mean that the way soy protein isolate is processed is good and that people who consume it are doing good things for their bodies.  A woman on Facebook shared with me that, after taking a product with soy protein isolate in it, someone she knew finally conceived the baby she and her husband had been trying for for a while.

My response was that life and death are not in a shake.

I have a friend who got pregnant just after she started smoking crack cocaine years ago. I would be using false logic to say that the crack was the only new thing she had taken into her body and therefore the crack was the reason why she became pregnant. You simply cannot draw a straight line between the addition of one product and pregnancy and make the assumption that that product is the reason that fertility increased and conception happened.

That is faulty logic.

Instead, a better conclusion to draw would be that it was time for her and her husband to conceive, and the reasons why are, as yet, unclear. Ultimately, no products we take are responsible for procreation. God is the ultimate Giver of life. We may make the body more fit to procreate, but we can’t take one product and magically reverse infertility.

For everyone who has a story of getting pregnant taking a shake containing soy protein isolate, there are two stories of those who did not. I just want everyone to think clearly instead of making emotional decisions about their food intake. We should make decisions based on good information only!

 The sun is coming up on what soy protein isolate actually is…Green Organics Smooth Vitality Versus Visalus Shakes - 3

Soy Protein Isolate Is Created In A Questionable Way

Thankfully, the high and low temperatures used in processing, and the alkali-acid-alkali process remove the trypsin inhibitors from the mixture, but the process does not 100% get rid of all the trypsin inhibitors. (Keep reading to learn more about what trypsin inhibitors are.)

No one should eat anything that might potentially contain trypsin inhibitors.  Taking a chance like that makes no sense to me.  I lost my fertility because of the “healthy” soy contained in a soy isolate product, and I think it’s important for people to understand what they are consuming.

Here is arguably the best article on soy protein isolate that I have come across, and it is the definitive reason why no one should consume products with this ingredient in it.

To be clear, I have no issue with any one company out there promoting weight loss products and income creation. My ONLY issue is with using soy protein isolate, which is a chemically-created ingredient that has detrimental, long-term effects on the human body.

Here is an extensive article on the Mercola site regarding the history of soy and a clear explanation of how soy is used in today’s food. The bottom line in the article is that so much has to be done to soy to isolate it and make it healthy to eat for human beings that it is actually made more toxic in the process.  Soy protein isolate also inhibits the absorption of so many vitamins and minerals that are vital to continued health…especially in children and expectant mothers.

There is so much evidence of increased cancer, increased infertility, and numerous other issues, including flare-ups of eczema and rosacea that I really do not understand why people continue to market and consume such products and overlook the science. For me, the bottom line is this:  WHY would anyone in their right mind consume a product that could potentially cause cancer and has not been recognized by the FDA as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe)?

The People Who Recommended That I Eat A Product With Soy Protein Isolate Didn’t Know Any Better

Because of the science – which I learned AFTER eating a so-called healthy soy, high fiber cookie that was made with soy protein isolate, I lost my fertility and I am fighting now to ensure that my liver and kidneys get back to a completely healthy state.  I trusted people who really did not know any better.

I did not get educated until it was too late. If someone can avoid what I experienced, I will do my part to help educate people. This brings me to Green Organics and all of their products – especially their healthy shake.  I love all the ingredients in the Green Organics Smooth Vitality shake, but the only ingredient that gave me pause was the hemp seed protein.

The first time I read that ingredient, I asked someone if that was marijuana and I was met with silence.  I have heard nightmares about how people eating poppy seed bread tested positive on drug tests, and I could not afford for that to happen to anyone I care about.  Thankfully, our hemp seed is NOT marijuana, and is one of the most nutrient-dense super foods available to human beings.

It is cold processed and does not contain the THC that makes people high from smoking marijuana. You can read detail about Hemp Seed protein, here (Hippie Butter dot com) and here (The Nourishing Gourmet dot com).   If you need to know some of healing properties of hemp, you can look right here (Innvista dot com).  You will be shocked at all the good things that hemp seed does in our bodies.

The bottom line is that hemp is healthy for human beings.  It is often called the most nutritionally complete source of food that can be found on the planet, though I believe that that title may actually go to Moringa, another plant with dense nutritional value.  Still, if hemp is competing to be the best food source, hands-down, that is incomparable to all of the conflicting, negative information surrounding soy protein isolate and soy in general.

Another article from the NIH shares why soy protein isolate is bad and what it can do to increase prostate cancer over time.  You can find it here:

It Comes Down To Common Sense And Doing What Is Right

I would rather go for healthy than questionable.

I would rather go for long-term nutrition than short-term weight loss and long-term toxicity.

I would rather make money helping people get healthy than creating massive problems down the line.

Wouldn’t you rather do the same?  I know this may feel harsh if you are in a company with a weight loss shake or smoothie that contains soy protein isolate, but I lost my fertility, and I am very clear on why and how.  It’s been backed my medical evidence.  I would love to keep anyone else from going through what I did.

If you have a daughter or son and you are feeding them these types of shakes, STOP, please.  You may affect his or her future fertility or create other health issues in time.  Ultimately, this article comes down to the fact that soy protein isolate (SPI) is bad for human health.  There is no reason why anyone should consume it.  Even though SPI can be fortified with vitamins and other beneficial aspects, doesn’t it make more sense to eat something that is naturally designed to provide optimal health?

In the end, this is why I chose to buy my shake from Green Organics International.

Look, let me make something clear.  This shake is not for everyone.  The products are more expensive, but that is because they are organic and wild-crafted and 100% NON GMO.  I considered joining another company, but the use of SPI made me apprehensive.

It was not until THIS week that I took time to really understand my own apprehension.  Now that I do understand soy protein isolate and hemp seed, I would recommend you do your own research and then make a high quality decision that will carry you for life.  It is dangerous to keep consuming soy protein isolate over nutritious foods.

This Video Is Going To Shock You At The End…And It’s About Soy Protein Isolate

The End…Thank The Lord!

I’m done with this article, thank God.  It was difficult to write, and again, if you are my friend and you are in a company that manufactures a shake that contains soy protein isolate, please forgive me if I have offended you.  That is not my intention at all.  This article is in no way underhanded or sneaky.  It is out in the open, and it is public.

If you feel strongly about what I have written and you call yourself a friend of mine, just reach out to me and talk instead of drawing wrong conclusions about my motives.  My motives are good, though my execution may not always be perfect.

I want to thank Kenyatta Duckworth for having the courage to write a comment down below and for being such a woman of integrity to speak to me openly about what she felt of my original article.  I appreciate her for speaking with me instead of assuming she knew my heart at all.  She is a real friend.

I also want to thank someone else (who doesn’t want her name shared) the most because she wrote to me to help me see that the first way I wrote this article could have detrimental effects on one company, and that was not my intention at all.  She wrote me without being inappropriately emotional and gave me what I needed to come and do a major overhaul of this piece of content.

Thank you, (beautiful, nameless lady).  Thank you, Kenyatta.

I pray that I have given you what you need to do good research on soy protein isolate and make a decision for the long-term good of your own health and the health of your friends and loved ones.

Christi Johnson

Christi Johnson is a blogger and a social media marketer.She is also a homeschooling mother and a digital advertising consultant.

She shows people how to use their blog for income and live a life that they have always wanted to live as creative people. If you want to be a content creator AND a great marketer, keep reading, here!
  • Theresa

    This was hard for you to write. But, thank you so much putting all the facts in one place for us to see it.

    • C. Johnson

      Thank you, Theresa. And you’re right. This WAS hard for me to write. I jave lots of friends in Visalus, so I hate to make anyone angry. But after what happened to me, I think this is right to do.

      It should be written that a LOT of companies use SPI. Vitamark is the company that made that cookie. It tasted good, but it’s the reason for my infertility now. I ate the cookie 3-6 times per day, every day for months. 🙁 LOTS of companies use soy protein isolate, and they should NOT. People need to know so they can make good decisions fro themselves. Thanks for stopping by here, Theresa!!

  • Tiffany Miller

    WOW Christi,
    That was an eye opening article…I actually have Visalus shake mix in my kitchen now, I really considered joining the company when it went “viral”, I ordered the shakes first to see if I even liked it, which I wasn’t a big fan off and Thank God for that! I’ve been trying to decide if I wanted to give away the rest or sell it to someone…but now, it’s going in the trash…Thank you for your research and for sharing the truth, I may be done having kids, but I want it to be on my terms, not because a shake took the option away!

    Tiffany Miller

    • C. Johnson

      Tiffany…wow…what a brave comment. I agree. I wish that I had done more research on my own instead of allowing what others told me to determine what I would do. Thanks for your comment, lady!! 🙂

  • Tiffany Miller

    No Problem Christi! That’s how I feel about it…I actually went to sleep last night and was dreaming and freaking out in my dream about SPI LOL…I’m going to be doing some research myself too…I have a few friends that drink the Vi Shakes daily and multiple times even, I forwarded them this article too!

    • C. Johnson

      Tiffany, I don’t think you should freak out, but you should definitely avoid SPI, wherever you find it. I do.

      I found it in the weight loss product of my former company, and THAT, my dear, was a shocker. 🙁 Let’s talk soon, ok?

  • Kenyatta

    This article has not sat well with me as you can imagine, and we haven’t had any interaction since you posted it, I haven’t even posted in the home biz group you introduced me to because I have been feeling so uneasy about this post and it’s not in my nature to be fake.

    So let me address this so we can carry on :). First let me say this, you I have connected and I’ve grown to like you as a person and respect you as a business woman. But I cannot understand why you couldn’t get your point across with out bashing ViSalus and it’s products? You clearly could’ve expressed your opinion about SPI and shared this article with out mentioning our company and simply talked about how your company offers a product without this ingredients ect ect. I do not believe in or encourage bashing another company to make my company look good or sell my product. I never even post shake comparison charts publically on my page.

    It’s just not my way of doing things. I am very sorry about what you have been though and your personal health issues. We are all different and everything doesn’t agree with everybody. But our body’s process different things differently. You can give ppl facts and let them do their own research and figure out what works for them. I have had plenty of customers who couldn’t take the shakes for whatever reason, they return them, get a refund and life goes on. But for every one person that can’t or doesn’t like ViSalus there’s 10 who have a life changing testimony.

    I’ve lost 30lbs on the ViSalus and I usually don’t respond to post or videos like this, but I’m tired of all the negativity!! Yes it may not be for everybody…NOTHING is!! After losing weight keeping it off on Vialus not only do I make healthier food choices but I am no longer taking synthroid for my thyroid issues. What ever “ingredients” are in the shakes is providing me & my family with better nutrition then what I was putting in my body before BBV. My husband who’s a former NFL player and is very health conscience had the shakes cleared through the Strength Conditioning coaches and Dr’s on the NFL level & UFL level before he would drink one & he dissected every ingredient.

    Turns out 1 shake a day has leveled his blood sugar and he’s no longer on insulin!! Finally on a pill after being on the needle for his diabetes since he was a teenager!! and he’ll be 30 this year!! So speak for yourself…everyone’s entitled to there opinion but don’t knock those who it’s working for or talk others out of what may be a Blessing to them as well. I was already driving a BMW that’s was paid for when I started and did not jump on board looking to make money.

    I started as just a customer…After trying several other diet programs to lose weight unsuccessfully, it was my last hope before opting for surgery!!! I thank God for this company & the products and will continue to stand behind them. I feel like we have to do better to unite in this industry and that’s why I’m taking the time to to respond. I wish you nothing but success with your new company.

    • C. Johnson

      Kenyatta, I want to thank you so much for having the courage to respond to my article. I have to admit that I did not notice that you were avoiding interacting with me because it’s been very busy for me lately. I am sorry to read that my article made you feel that I was being negative.

      To be clear, I actually was not being negative. I was trying my best to offer information that is not easy for people to find. My personal opinion about exposure when it comes to something I believe is wrong is that I put it out in the light. I am not the kind of person who does the right thing secretly or privately if the wrong thing has been done in public.

      My issue is not with Visalus overall. My issue is with the use of soy protein isolate as their primary ingredient. Because of the fact that Visalus is the single, most aggressive promoter of a weight loss shake that contains soy protein isolate, I wanted to address what I have learned about that, single ingredient.

      Soy protein isolate is not good for people to take in high amounts over long periods of time. It’s just not. You cannot get aroud science on that fact.

      I do agree with you in the fact that I could have NOT used the name of Visalus. I’ve been thinking hard about whether or not using the name was right or wrong. I am still thinking. Thus far, I have not been able to draw the conclusion that plainly writing the name of the company was wrong. I do know that there are a couple of headers in the article that I could have titled better, but I am a marketer, and I want to draw peoples’ attention to what I write.

      To create boring titles for headers doesn’t equate with great marketing. I apologize for causing you any distress at all with my titles and headers, but I cannot apologize for sharing the information in the very public manner that I did.

      Here is my promise to everyone who takes issue with the way I – and many, many others – write about the soy protein isolate contained in Visalus shakes: Please scour my company, and if you find something crazy in our ingredients, put it directly on BLAST. I welcome that, and I stopped promoting my previous company because I cannot promote that in which I do not believe.

      I have no problem with anyone doing that because I understand that the article is not about me. It’s about my company.

      That said, let me address one of your last sentences in your comment. You wrote: “So speak for yourself…everyone’s entitled to there opinion but don’t knock those who it’s working for or talk others out of what may be a Blessing to them as well.”

      I have never approached a single individual and attempted to talk them out of joining Visalus. Never. I never would. People reach out to me daily…and if they happen to ask me why I don’t join Visalus, I answer them. I have friends who have joined Visalus since I wrote this article, and all I have told them is that I wish them the best with their business and I pray their business grows well.

      If we talk about soy, then I share what I believe from my point of view…but I have never tried to talk anyone out of Visalus. People are free to choose whatever they want to do.

      In closing, I just want to say that I am probably just the first person you know kind of closely who has written about the Visalus shake in this way. I never meant to hurt you or anyone, and since I have, I am really, really sorry for causing anything in you that is less than happiness or joy. You have no idea how much sleep I lost over this article…but I believed and I still believe that it was the absolute right thing to do.

      Please feel free to take a look at some other resources that are along the exact same lines as what I have written here.

      1. – Christian site that is well-researched.
      2. – interesting article on how it’s not safe for our pets either! Wow!
      3. – the FDA approves it for use in cardboard and other paper packaging, but clearly states that there are NO specifications for food grade soy protein isolate and that the manner in which it is manufactured creates bad health conditions for humans, long term.
      4. – The Mayo Clinic clearly states that there is NOT enough information yet to determine if soy can be used
      5. – this is a blog article on it, and probably the BEST one I have seen, and it contains all of the information I have tried to include in my article. You should read it until the bottom.

      You cannot get around the science, Kenyatta…and I only want people to know what they are putting into their bodies. It’s one thing to have an emotional response to the financial benefit that a company can offer it’s distributors. It’s quite another to respond to a company based on complete information.

      I am writing based on information, not emotion. I hope that that is clearer now.

      So…here is my question to you: After you read everything, are you wondering about what I wrote or just angry/hurt/disappointed that I wrote?

      You don’t have to respond publicly, but your private answer should tell you a great deal. Just so that you know, I COMPLETELY believed that SPI was safe until June of 2011.

      This has been a process for me too. I really, really appreciate your coming here to comment. It says a lot about your integrity. You clearly have high integrity and everyone who knows you is blessed to have you in their lives.

  • C. Johnson

    UPDATE: This article has been massively edited to reflect some great advice from both Kenyatta and my dear, dear friend Rebecca Woodhead.

    Barbara Charles also spoke with me, but I did not get an understanding of how her issues with the article were bigger than her attachment to her primary company. Now that I see how the concerns are larger than just about one company, I was able to edit. Thanks also to Barbara.

    Love you ladies very much!

    • Barbara Charles

      Hi Christi. I’m sorry I was not able to present it in such a way that you understood where I was coming from. Thanks for the re-write. Much success and love to you as well.

      • C. Johnson

        No problem at all, Barbara! That’s what friends are for. We work together through things, and we get better with time if we truly care. I love you…and thank you so much for the beautiful comment! (((hugs)))

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