Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer

Here’s An Update On My Journey, Thus Far – The Dual Challenges of Traffic Generation And Career-Changing…

This article is designed to update you on what’s been happening with me and also to share with you what I have learned about getting traffic to your website.  I pray that this is a useful update/tutorial for you.

With that written…

…it’s been an interesting summer.  I went to a software development apprenticeship for nine weeks to learn . net development and came away from that experience as someone who can add functionality to a website…

…but I could NEVER develop an entire software application with what I know, right now. If you’d like, read here to see the start of my journey.

NOPE.  I’m not that woman.  I’m not sure that I ever will be.  :\

Learning To Become A Software Developer Is Not For The Faint Of Heart!

Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer - 1It’s taken a little bit for me to feel comfortable admitting that publicly – and even privately – but there you have it.

Now, let me qualify what I CAN do.

If you give me the task to create a form that communicates with YOUR email address, I can make sure that you, as a business owner, never lose contact with your potential, market that comes your way online.

Do you want me to code some chat functionality into your site?  Yeah…I can do that!

Give me a task to beautify/design the layout of a site so that you will give to YOUR developer, and I can do that easily, using an industry-standard prototyping tool.

Also, I can build a basic website in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Trust me.  It will be basic…but I CAN do that!

And we all know that I can design a WordPress site.  That’s been my bread and butter for years!

HOWEVER, if you ask me to create a full-fledged app or a piece or business software, I promise that I will just stare at you.

The bottom line is that it’s tough to take a person who is brand new to full stack development – or development at all – and try to turn them into a software developer in 9-12 weeks.

The vast majority of people who are successful developers have spent at least TWO years learning the theory and foundations of computer science, and they have (mostly) good coding practices.  Cramming all that information into 2-3 months is challenging for a complete newbie, to make it an understatement.

Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer - 2

So…I am job searching AND online marketing.  I am continuing to do Javascript code pushups so that I get better at programming in time.

I figure that the better my blog looks, the easier it will be for a potential employer to see my potential in their organization.  If I put it all here for people to see and utilize, there will be no question what I can do.

I also figure that it makes more sense to put the process online for others who are coming behind me on their own marketing journey.  People want to know how to create income out of the content that they are creating, and they want a clear, concise marketing strategy that they can share with their own list.

How else does anyone learn unless there is SOME information with which to start?  If Einstein had never learned to read or how to add, he’d have never become the genius he became.  All of us have to start, somewhere. Right?

My prayer is to have my blog be a resource that lots of people will turn to when they have traffic generation and online marketing questions.

So, Anyway, HOW In The World Do You Get Traffic To A Blog Or Other Web Property?

Well…the truth is that it’s easy.

Rather…I guess that I should say that the idea is easy, and the work is simple.

The reason I write this is that most of us understand the concept of traffic generation, already…but because the internet is so…well…VAST…most of us get lost in information overwhelm.

So, here is the short and skinny of traffic generation.

All you have to do to generate traffic is to get in front of your target audience often enough and provide enough value to them so they want to come back to your content for education and product purchases!

So…then the question becomes, “How do I get in front of my target audience?

It’s not difficult to do if you know where to go, online, or what to do once you get there.

Well…let me share some resources with you that should help you to connect to people wherever they might happen to be, on the internet.

Here Are Some Resources That You Can Use To Connect With Your Audience, Online

1.  BOARDREADER – Click that to go to Boardreader’s site.

  • Find people on forums using Boardreader.
  • Boardreader is a website that aggregates conversations that people have in forums.
  • You can search by keyword or phrase and bring back conversations that are relevant to your niche.
  • The niches are not limited.  I did some random searches and found that this site can find conversations on almost ANYTHING!  So…whatever your niche, there are people, out there, looking to connect.
  • Go connect with them!  See examples, below here…

Examples of Boardreader Searches…

This is the front page for Boardreader…

Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer - 4

 This is a search for “modest clothing” on Boardreader.  

Notice that there are 1,572 results for the search.

These are all conversations that can be joined!

Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer - 5


I also did a search for “nursing babies” on Boardreader.

In this search, there are 9,142 results for the search!!

The opportunities with using this website are far-reaching!

Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer - 6


You can do your own search, and you’ll find the same kind of results.

Now, you cannot choose WHAT you get back as a result, but you can sort by WHEN those results were indexed and read.  You can sort by the last day, the last month, the last 3 months, and the past year.  How awesome is that?

2.  GOOGLE ALERTS – be signed into Google when you click on the link.

  • A lot of people are familiar with Google Alerts.  Some love them.  Some dislike them.  I would be in the latter camp, but please know that I don’t really count.  I have subscribed to Google Alerts for a year, and I usually don’t get what I want out of it…
  • …but I also have to admit that I am probably using it incorrectly.  I’m most likely not inputting my keywords the right way or something.
  • The short story is that I don’t really care.  Just like some people love and use Facebook and avoid Twitter or Pinterest, there are also people (like me) who are not in love with Google Alerts.
  • Pay attention to the sorting options. They make the difference between whether you get notified of EVERYTHING or just best results.  I think it’s better to go for everything so that you don’t miss anything.
  • Also…be sure to choose the way you receive your notifications in a manner that best suits you. Pick your personal email or Gmail or RSS reader.  Whatever you choose, be sure it’s something that you won’t miss each day.

Here’s how the Google Alerts interface looks…

Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer - 8

  • Choose your query/keyword.
  • Choose to get results from every type of medium – discussions, blogs, etc.
  • Target your region.  What this means is that you can choose from where you get alerts – the USA, the UK, etc.
  • Choose how often – once a day or as it happens.
  • Choose only the closest matching results or choose to get everything.
  • Choose your delivery method – email or feed.

And that’s it!  Once your alert is created, it will be delivered to you according to your specifications.

If there is a blog alert that is delivered to you, go make a high-quality comment on that blog and use a URL of your choosing so that the blog owner and future readers will be directed BACK to your offering or your website.

WARNING: Don’t send people to an opt-in form.  That’s kind of rude.

Always send them to something of value, like your YouTube channel, or your blog if you have one.

If you get an alert from a discussion board, click on the link to that board, register for it, and begin to leave very helpful comments so that people are clear about the fact that you are there to help them.

Try to join discussions that either allow you to have a link in your comment signature OR have a link in your profile information.  If you join a forum that doesn’t let you put a link back to your content, no one will be able to find you online, and you’re not using your time as wisely as you could.


I use a feed reader on my Mac computer to subscribe to RSS feeds that matter to my business. I go to all kinds of websites, including social sites, get their RSS feeds (if one is available) based on specific keywords or topics, and plug those feeds into my reader.

It’s like Google Alerts on steroids, and the readers that are available to you can be downloaded to your computer or used entirely online.  It’s your choice.

Here are some readers that you can use to find out what people are talking about or writing about, online.  They will connect you to your audience either one by one or as a group, depending on the feed to which you subscribe.

The really cool thing about RSS feed readers is that they will “go back in time” and get older content found online, so you’re not having to start from today with finding places to interact.

You can actually go back a few days or a week and make helpful comments.  Just be sure that the conversation is still happening.  Try not to comment where there is absolutely no current activity – unless the conversation/blog is brand new, and you’re the first to the scene.

Newsbar Is The Feed Reader That I Use

^^Click if you have a Mac^^

Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer - 9


  • This is an app for the Mac, and I spent $5.99 for it – or somewhere around that.  I can’t recall, and the price no longer shows after you purchase.
  • The feed streams on the left hand side of my desktop, and it’s not irritating at all.
  • I subscribed to blogs I love, question and answer site topics, and some other sites that pertain to my niche.
  • I can filter my feeds according to keywords, too!  It’s awesome!!

Feedreader Is The Reader That I Almost Chose

^^Click to go to the site^^

Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer - 10

  • I was going to choose this one, but it didn’t seem to have much activity on the blog, and I’m picky.  I need to see recent company activity if I am going to choose a software.
  • Still…others seem to like it and use it, currently, so it’s probably not a bad choice.  Again, I’m just really picky about my tools.
  • Most people seem to use this reader in the cloud, and you can also sort your feeds based on keywords, if you choose that.  This is really important when you’re targeting interaction with people who write on or interact with specific content.
  • It touts itself as being the best reader on the market, and you even have the functionality of downloading it to your Windows desktop should you want.

RSSOwl Is What I Will Choose If My Current Reader Doesn’t Perform Well For Me

^^Click to go to the site^^

Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer - 11


  • This feed reader is a beast.  I almost want to switch over to it, right now.  Seriously…I’m kind of regretting that little bit of money that I spent and wishing that I’d used RSSOwl, instead.
  • It can be downloaded to Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.
  • It uses multiple languages.
  • You can filter based on topics of your choosing and then go interact as you see fit.
  • You can view the content from within the reader.
  • You can use feeds that are password protected.  There is even EXTRA security in the form of a master password, too!
  • UPDATE: Ok…so I talked myself into it. In the middle of this article, I stopped writing and switched over to RSSOwl.  Yes.  It’s better.  🙂

Ultimately, There Are A Lot Of Ways To Connect With Your Target Audience…

Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer – 13…and ALL of these methods will bring you traffic and interaction if you use them, consistently.  The internet is much like life – you tend to get what you first give.

If you go give someone help on a forum, they will tend to follow your link back to your web property and read what you have to offer – simply because you were so helpful when you first interacted with them.

In closing, I just want to encourage you to put all the effort that you can into creating great content that people will want to come back and consume time and again.  SEO matters, but relationships and interaction matter a whole, lot more.

The more quality content that you put out there, the more people will trust you and flock to you.

Go out and find your people.  They are waiting on you!

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Christi Johnson

Christi Johnson is a blogger and a social media marketer.She is also a homeschooling mother and a digital advertising consultant.

She shows people how to use their blog for income and live a life that they have always wanted to live as creative people. If you want to be a content creator AND a great marketer, keep reading, here!