Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog – February 18th, 2014 Update

Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog Is A Lot Of Fun When You Watch Your Analytics Like I Do!

Well…I tell you…

…this morning, I got up and got myself ready for work.  I still have a bit of body aches and a mild fever, but I could almost ignore it because I know that my focus right now is getting traffic to this “baby” blog of mine.

It’s difficult to be really, really sick when you’re really, really excited like I am.

I thought that I would hold out looking at my analytics for a day…

…but no dice.


This is too much fun.  Keep reading to see what I learned, today.  (If you want to see my first update, it’s right here.)

To Get Traffic To This Blog, I Am Following The Practices I Learned As A Brand New Blogger

I had a very good friend to train me in how to get traffic to my blog, and I am now falling back on the traditional strategies that I learned in 2011 – things I learned before getting overwhelmed with affiliate marketing, online network marketing companies, and all the other stuff that tends to crowd the head of a blogger who wants to earn a living doing this.

He always told me that traffic is easy…

…and I saw that that was true from the very first week that I had him as a coach and mentor.

My biggest challenge was distraction.

I hate to admit it, but I used to be very easily distracted.  Part of the reason for that was because, deep down, I really wanted to blog for income, but I just could not understand the process of going from high traffic levels to conversion and eventually to sustainable, full-time income.

While I didn’t want to do very much else professionally other than earn a living online, I failed to connect quality writing and the resulting traffic, with value that can be monetized.

I understand the connections, now.  Thank God.

On top of that, I was impatient.  I wanted results YESTERDAY!!  In the end, the need for income trumped my passion for writing.

I should have just stayed with my blog.

Getting Traffic To This Blog Isn’t As Much Of A Pressure Cooker, Now…And That’s Because I Have A Full-time Job

It’s not hard to be patient when there is money coming into the household.

I strongly recommend the following to anyone out there who is looking to learn how to earn a passive income online:  Get a job that will pay your bills while you learn!

It’s incredibly hard to feel pressure while trying to create.  It messes up the creation.

For those who feel that working is “selling out to the man,” I would like to write this:  SHUT UP!  You’re making it hard for new folk to enter the profession responsibly!  Stop that!


And thank you.  🙂

Blogging Is Ultra Flexible On Your Time. You Can Learn How To Do It Whenever You Want

The beautiful thing about blogging is that you can do it at any time. WHENEVER there is a break in your life, BLOG!  If you need to get up an hour early, you can.  In the early, morning hours…GO BLOG.

I write on my lunch hour, after dinner, right before bed, and early in the morning.  I take the pressure off of myself and only write when there is extra time.

You can do the same thing.

Listen…I could spend days writing about what I have learned from the past…but I really don’t want to do too much more of that, today.  Instead…let’s get to the goodies of what I learned from my analytics, this morning.

First things first, my visits are up, overnight.  YAY!Getting Traffic To A Brand New Blog – February 18 2014 – 1

Ok…so there are a few important things that immediately popped out at me, today.  First of all, the people coming to my site are spending more time on it.  That’s awesome…and I need to know why.  You and I will discover that in the pictures that follow this one.

My bounce rate has lowered a little bit, and that’s always great to see.  I thought that it would.  Being right, for once, is incredibly cool.  I have a teenager.  Parents of teenagers know what I mean.  🙂

Finally, the percentage of new visitors is lower.  If I combine that with the fact that site visits are up, I can conclude that people who visited previously are returning to the site.

Bottom line…the blog is slowly but surely becoming “sticky.”  I need to be sure to continue that trend.

Next up, I wanted to see where I am getting traffic.
Getting Traffic To A Brand New Blog – February 18 2014 – 2

I am getting traffic from Facebook, which is understandable.  I post new articles to both my personal timeline and also to my business page. I am getting hits from both Facebook laptop and Facebook mobile browsers.  It’s cool to know that this writing is interesting enough to be read on a smaller screen.

Next up, I saw that I got hits from Google+.  I am actually not sure how that happened, but I decided not to dig deeper into it, today…

…because the last source analytic completely stumped me.  I got traffic from Baidu…a Chinese social media platform.  Really? I’m still scratching my head over that one, but I am grateful, nonetheless.

If it’s traffic, I’ll take it!

I wanted to look at my direct referrals, next.
Getting Traffic To A Brand New Blog – February 18 2014 – 3


The bottom line for me, here is that my direct visits are up – from 11 to 19.  What that means is that the search engines are, somehow, serving me traffic because I am being found relevant for something.  Soon, I will know what people were searching for when they found me.

That will help a LOT with my writing.

For now, I just need to continue doing what I am doing, watch these analytics carefully, and hope that my results continue to trend upwards as I follow what the numbers tell me.

I’d like to monetize sooner rather than later.

This last image was the best part of my Google Analytics journey, this morning…
Getting Traffic To A Brand New Blog – February 18 2014 – 4

The numbers don’t quite add up, and I am not sure if that’s a time delay, or what…but I learned two, really cool things about the people consuming my content.

First of all, they want to know how to build a blog from scratch.  I need to hurry and publish the rest of my new blogger series for that audience.

Secondly, I learned that people are curious about the progression of a new blog.

I am officially dedicated to publishing updates on traffic.  I guess the next thing to do is to come up with a schedule so that people know what to expect and when.  For those who want to keep up with the blog each time a new article is published, you can go here to get updates as soon as they happen here.

Getting Traffic To Your Brand new Blog Is Not Too Much Of A Challenge…

…and that is because Google really does tell us what we need to be writing about to get new visitors and to keep the ones we already have.  I need to take a look at Bing/Yahoo, next.

It really doesn’t need to be too much guess work when you are first starting.

For those of you considering blogging, I pray that you will continue to follow my progress here. I also hope that this encourages you so that you know that you can do this, too, if you take it one step at a time.

Thanks for reading!

Christi Johnson

Christi Johnson is a blogger and a social media marketer.She is also a homeschooling mother and a digital advertising consultant.

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