Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog – February 17th, 2014 Update

Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog Isn’t Easy – Or Is It?

This article is designed to share with you that you can get traffic to your brand new blog from the search engines and from social media sharing.  It is also designed to share with you the proof of my traffic growth from day one.

Day one, for me was Thursday, February 13, 2014.

I have owned this domain for a few years, and I used to blog here all the time…but I shut the blog down last year and have only now come back to it.

Because my previous traffic has COMPLETELY dried up, I have the rare opportunity to show my readers how to build traffic from the ground floor of blog creation.  I want to encourage people who think that creating income online on your OWN blog is near to impossible.

It’s not.  You can ABSOLUTELY get traffic to a brand new blog, but there are a few things that you have to do as you start.  Keep reading to go on this journey with me.

I Have Become An Analytics Maniac In An Effort To See If I Am Getting Traffic To My Blog

I have been stalking my analytics.

I believe that getting traffic to a brand new blog is easy, but I have never really paid careful attention to my analytics and then blogged based on those analytics…

…until now.

So…here are the facts of my blog as they stand, right now.

  1. I started the blog up again on February 13th with two, brand new articles.  The first article was on why I stopped blogging. The second article was on why I started blogging, again.
  2. Those first, two articles got 22 visits.  I had 19 unique visitors.
  3. My bounce rate was 40.19%, and the average length of stay on the blog was 1:19.
  4. People viewed, on average 2 articles before leaving.
  5. I published a third article on February 14th, and it was about using a blog to create passive income.  I didn’t check analytics that day.
  6. I published my fourth, new article on February 16th, and it was the start of my new blogger series.  This series is designed to take new bloggers step by step as they create the passive income life of their dreams.
  7. Finally, this morning before forcing myself to lie down, I wrote a personal article about being a mom and loving extravagantly.  It felt great to write it, and I think that articles like that will keep both me AND this blog balanced over time.

I Didn’t Expect New Traffic Overnight, But I Am Happy To Report That My Expectations Were Wrong

This morning, I woke up feverish and aching all over, but I HAD to check my Google analytics account and my other keyword analytics tool to see if anything interesting had happened here, overnight.

It doesn’t matter that I’m sick.

I’m happy to say that I am getting direct traffic from Google after only a few days, and (of course) my social readership is up, as well.


Here is an image based tutorial for you to help you get traffic to your brand new site.  Please feel free to take this example and go create the same kind of thing for yourself.  Ok?

First of all, my site visits are up a bit.  YAY!
Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog - February 17 2014 - 1

I am up from 22 visits with 19 of them being unique to 45 visits with 37 of them being unique.  That’s a nice bump upwards when I have not yet started syndicating, commenting on other blogs, back linking, or doing anything really strategic outside of placing my link on my Facebook Timeline.

Next up, I found that people are spending more time reading…Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog - February 17 2014 - 2

When I saw this image, I could not understand it at all.  In the past, I really didn’t look at my analytics in order to blog better.  I wanted to get traffic to my blog, but I wasn’t smart about it.  I simply checked stats to make sure that the blog wasn’t dead.

That was a horrible strategy.  Very lazy.

Thank goodness I’ve learned from past mistakes.

After seeing the image above, I knew that I would need to dig a little deeper to find out why the time spent on my pages was rising and what pages/posts were being viewed for a longer period of time.  I want to do MORE of whatever people like and less of whatever causes them to leave.

I had to drill down to see what’s happening on my site…Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog - February 17 2014 - 3

What I found is that the majority of my views are coming from social sharing…which I already knew.

My goal, however, is to increase my direct traffic.  By “direct,” I mean traffic coming directly from the search engines.   Social sharing is great, but my friends already know who I am.  I need to increase my audience.

The bounce rate for my direct traffic is high right now (72.73%), but that’s to be expected;  those readers don’t know me from anyone on the planet.  I bounce off of websites that I don’t know well, too.

Everyone does.

As I implement my other marketing strategies, I expect that number to lower, as well.

So…what I did was that I clicked on the word “Direct.”  It’s written in blue. Here is what I found…and it made me smile.

Strangers took time to read the first article in my new blogger series!!Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog - February 17 2014 - 4

I took a gamble, and it worked.  There were only two readers, but that’s awesome because there used to be ZERO readers. Now, all I have to do is create more of what’s working in this tiny instance.

There is so much knowledge in my head about how to create a site that it’s ridiculous.  My problem, over time, is that I have not shared that information in a cohesive way, publicly.

Most people get so overwhelmed with site creation that they just stop trying.  They rarely want to pay for what they can learn for free using YouTube or Internet Marketing forums, but really?

Most of us want to get our information in one place, and we don’t want to have to jump through hoops to get it.

So…now I know that this is a good direction in which to head.

I have a LOT of ideas for this blog, but, for once, I am taking one step at a time.  Step one, for me, is to CREATE VALUE FOR NEW BLOGGERS…and it’s clear that there are people on the Internet, looking for a step by step, free guide on how to put up a brand new blog.

Once I am done with my new blogger series, I will move on to my next content series and show people that, if they get the work done, they can change their lives and create passive income, online.

Thanks for reading.  I pray that this has been useful to you!

Christi Johnson

Christi Johnson is a blogger and a social media marketer.She is also a homeschooling mother and a digital advertising consultant.

She shows people how to use their blog for income and live a life that they have always wanted to live as creative people. If you want to be a content creator AND a great marketer, keep reading, here!