The First Day Of Class – Day Four Of Christi’s Coding Journey

The First Day of Class – Day Four Of The Coding Journey…

In advance, I will warn you that this article is more stream of consciousness than anything…more like a journal entry than my usual articles.  I hope that that isn’t a problem for anyone.  I simply don’t have the time to organize all my thoughts like I normally do.  With that written…

I am SO glad that started two weeks later. Class has not yet begun. I am sitting in an empty section. The section for the class that’s about to graduate is already pretty full. People seem to be very friendly…and relatively quiet.

This may very well be my dream-come-true – a room full of people who only talk when there is something to say. 🙂

Everyone has on headphones. AWESOME!

I am really tired, but I think that adrenaline is going to carry me this first day. I’m already dreaming in code, which is ridiculous. That’s happened before, but I figured it would not happen again until class started. It was strange to dream of sitting in front of the computer, last night, but oh well. This seems to be par for the course

I could not force myself to go to sleep until nearly 2am.

Yeah…I’m pretty happy right now…
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My Biggest Concern So Far…

What I am most concerned about is connecting all the dots. I think I’ll be able to do it, but you know…you never know until you start doing a thing how well you will do a thing.

I miss Deanna. A lot.

She’s really funny and keeps me giggling at night when we are about to fall asleep. Imagining her gone in two years…well…that just breaks my heart. Maybe it’s not appropriate to follow your child all over the place, but I feel tempted to go wherever she goes so that she will have access to me – if she needs.

In my mind, I tell myself that I’d stay away from her, unless she called on me…and I am delusional enough to think that I’d actually DO that. To be fair, I think I would stay away. I really don’t enjoy being bothered very much.

Still…I’d like to be available if she needed me.

Why struggle if you don’t HAVE to?? Deanna does not NEED to struggle needlessly. She’s social enough that she’s going to make a whole lot of mistakes in quick succession and hopefully learn from them. I wasn’t exactly like that (social), so I made my mistakes over a sustained period of time. LOL!

My Bottom Line Reasons For Programming Are…Well…Myriad…

Anyway, I digress. The reason I brought her up in this article is because I am doing this programming thing, in large part, because of my Annie girl. Not only do I want her to see in real time that tough times do NOT have to define her, but I want her to see that starting from scratch after a series of unfortunate events is not only possible but pretty, darn exciting.

On one hand, the unfortunate events have been…well…unfortunate. Very, very sad. Quite needless.


…that’s life…

…and you either get over it as fast as you possibly can and figure out the Lord’s next step for your life, or you stay stuck in sadness and longing for your perception of times past.

Professionally, I’m just not THAT lady…never have been, by the grace of God.


I’m totally in heaven.

Other, quiet, wanna-be-healthy people exist in this world?? Oh. My. Goodness!! If I see some carrot juice in the fridge, I might pee myself.

Well, it’s almost time for class to start, so I guess I’d better start packing up the Mac and pulling out the PC.

See you on the next article.

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