End Of the First Week In Class…

The First Week Was A Doozy!

This has been the toughest week of my life…professionally.  I have never, EVER been so confused while still understanding bits and pieces of what I am learning. The cool thing is that it’s Friday, and today was the day that the entire apprenticeship got together to talk about successes, failures, and areas where we can grow and keep pushing.

What was nice about today was learning that I am not the only one who feels like they are in over their head. It seems that that is the way that entry-level programmers feel (and established programmers, too, to some extent) because there is always something new to learn.

Here is what we did this week…

Here Is How Our Week Went

Day one of class was a review of our JavaScript prerequisites.  We did some challenges on CoderByte.  CoderByte drove me crazy, but I got them done on my own at home at night….so no huge worries, there.  Day one was relatively simple, but I went to bed with a feeling of dread because we were told that Day two was going to be overwhelming.

Day two was overwhelming.  I sincerely did not understand a SINGLE word that my instructor said all day long.  It was like he was speaking in another language…but what made it disconcerting was that he was so kind to us.

Imagine knowing nothing but English and going to work one day to find that your boss had had a brain transplant.  Imagine him or her only speaking Hebrew.  Imagine your boss not being aware that he or she is speaking a language that is foreign to you. Imagine this continuing ALL DAY because you’re too embarrassed to admit that you don’t understand what’s being said…especially since everyone around you seems to be having no difficulty.

Can you envision this hypothetical?

Well…that was me.  All day, Tuesday.

Day three was the day that I actually cried in the bathroom.

Yes…programming made me cry.

Day four, I woke up and CONCEPTUALLY understood everything that I’d been confused during about the first three days.  Even though I could not take the arrays that I’d stored in my objects and make all of them manipulate the DOM the way I wanted to…I knew where to go to get the answers, and I also knew what was NOT working or even present in the app that I was building.

There was no way that I could have done that on Monday.  No way in this world!

How that jump in understanding happened, I am not sure…but let’s fast forward to today.

Day 5 of this program, I learned that this is the same, confusing track that nearly everyone takes.

“Thank God it’s Friday” has taken on new meaning for me.

Seriously…thank God it’s Friday.

Every Friday, There Is A Group “Stand Up”

This morning, during our group get-together, I realized that what happened to me was normal.  Not only that, but nearly everyone in my class was feeling the same confusion and frustration.  They just hid it pretty well.  Except for my  teardrop, I hid it pretty well, too.

The thing is that we didn’t know one another at the start of the week, so we didn’t feel comfortable admitting our confusion.  The truth is that it’s one thing to study prerequisites.  It’s quite another thing to take all that you’ve learned and package it into a working piece of software, no matter how small.

At this point, it feels like we have been here for a couple of weeks, even though it’s only been five days.

The toughest part of learning has been taking functions and for loops and making them do what I want them to do on the page.

Thankfully, we will be delving deeper into JavaScript the next, two weeks.

The Bottom Line Is That I Am Grateful To Be Here

Right now, we are eating lunch that was provided for us to celebrate the class that is graduating, today.  I believe that two of them already have jobs.

Most of them people with jobs immediately upon graduation have done a good job of networking while still in the program.  I started networking last month.  😉

This weekend, I have to finish my app and make it work.  I think I can get it done.

I’ve really nothing else to update…but thanks so much for reading.  I am now, officially in day 8 of my journey into becoming a programmer.  I do believe that this is the start of something really neat in my life.

See you in the next article!

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