My Choice For Blog Monetization – Ingreso Cybernetico, The Company Best-Suited For Online Personal Branding!

Do You Want To Know My Mindset Behind Choosing Ingreso Cybernetico To Monetize My Online Properties?

The purpose of this article is to share with you why I chose to go with Ingreso Cybernetico as both my home business and my blog monetization tool of choice.

When I decided to go back into content creation, the one thing I did not want to do was be boring.

Too many of the opportunities that are in the marketplace nowadays for online marketers of all types do not allow you to fully become your own marketer with your own voice.  I didn’t want to have MY voice drowned out by that of my company of choice.

I also did not want to limit people in the way that they could promote their business – should they choose to work with me.  That written, please keep reading to get a clear understanding of Ingreso Cybernetico and my reason behind choosing it.

Earning Income Working From Home Has Changed A Lot In The Past 50+ Years

My Choice For Blog Monetization - Ingreso Cybernetico The Company Best-Suited For Online Personal Branding - 1I have long appreciated the work that Amway did to pave the way for ordinary people to earn extraordinary incomes, and here is the reason;  Amway capitalized on the fact that it’s easier to get people to do what they already do than it is to convince people to do something new.

Thus, network marketing was born…and too many people to count have gone on to have a lot of success by showing others how to generate income by doing what they already do.

What I mean by this is that, instead of buying shampoo from Walgreen’s, people had the option of purchasing from Amway directly and earning a commission every time one of their customers did the same thing.

All kinds of companies have copied their style of marketing, since then…but guess what?

We are in a new day and age, now.  Today’s marketplace is found online.  So…let’s get into the details that I want to share with you so you can learn why I chose Ingreso Cybernetico to monetize my content.

Marketing Happens Online More And More, Every Day!

With the old style of business building, people have to do a lot of face and phone time.  Today, however, we have the option of connecting to one another with links online and via communication applications.

What I wanted was the ability to earn good money in a short period of time, a great opt-in page to My Choice For Blog Monetization - Ingreso Cybernetico The Company Best-Suited For Online Personal Branding - 2capture leads, and a sales page that converted well.  My goal was to give the people considering working with me the ability to get up and running, quickly.

Ultimately, I did not want a company to promote that was going to get in the way of who I am as a person.  If at all possible, I wanted the company to be “invisible.”  What I mean by that is that I wanted the company to be a resource and a tool and NOT the first thing that people saw when they considered using my same tools.

In my opinion, there are too many companies that already do that – get in the way of the personal brand of the marketer, that is.

As I looked around the marketplace, I could not easily find a company that did not look like it would overpower MY voice with it’s own offerings, and company name, and brand.

That’s one of the reasons that I sat out of the marketing world for an entire year.  I just did not want to drown out my own voice for the sake of building the brand of another company.

Does that make sense??

I Started Seriously Watching A Few Companies In June, 2014

The first company I chose was one that I quickly realized did not tick all of my boxes. It wasn’t a bad company.  I mean, most companies aren’t bad companies; however, some things were missing.

Let me explain what I mean…and please understand that I am not company bashing.  I am simply explaining my reasons for choosing Ingreso Cybernetico over my first choice.

Here are the things I just could not reconcile…

  1. There was no inbuilt way to capture leads.
  2. There was no compelling sales page – at least, not compelling to me.
  3. Duplicability would be a challenge for newbies.
  4. The company’s brand was louder than MY voice.

NUMBER ONE is foundational.  Without the ability to capture leads immediately, marketers lose out on earnings potential over time – and that is just not cool to me.  I want no one marketing to MY leads but me.

Done-for-you systems are not bad…but done-for-you systems also cripple you in the long run and keep you dependent on your company instead of helping you to grow as a marketer.

NUMBER TWO is more of a matter of personal preference, but I found that I was not as excited by the language in the sales page video as I wanted to be.  Because I am connected to so many online marketers and content creators, I made the decision that, if I was not excited, there were probably others who (quietly) were not excited, either.

NUMBER THREE is a huge, huge deal for me.  Duplicability is EVERYTHING when you are creating any kind of community with your marketing.  It’s one thing to just make a bunch of sales to people.  It’s quite another to make sales AND help others to be able to follow your lead.

I am NOT going to be the woman sending people a bunch of inboxed messages about my business, constantly pitching others and getting on their nerves.  I am on the internet to allow the internet to work FOR me…

…and there are ways to ensure that it does just that, over time.  Marketing is a journey, not a sprint…and it’s important to create a journey that everyone can duplicate.  Content creation and promotion are simple to duplicate – as long as the content being created is content about which the creator is passionate.

In short, talking about YOUR life and passions is very simple to duplicate…and if people know that they can write and share THEIR life’s passion with others and, in turn, show others how to do the same thing for profit…well, HOW EASY IS THAT?!?!?

We ALL Talk About And Write About Ourselves On Social Media…

…so I don’t even have to teach that!  I simply have to show people the best way to do that and get paid for it.  Duplicabilty…SOLVED!

And that leads me directly to NUMBER FOUR!

When a person is able to maintain their own voice and identity in online business, it’s easier to encourage them to keep telling their story.

It’s easier to encourage them to continue growing their business because their business is actually THEIR business!!!

Ultimately, these are the reasons that I chose Ingreso Cybernetico.

Ingreso Cybernetico Has All The Tools An Online Business Owner Needs To Monetize His Or Her Content

My Choice For Blog Monetization - Ingreso Cybernetico The Company Best-Suited For Online Personal Branding - 3It doesn’t matter if that content is on their blog, in videos, or on social media.

With all of that written, I have to admit that it behoves everyone to have their own online property – like a blog.  If, at any point, a site that you do not own were to go down, you’d lose ALL your content and connections.

On the other hand, if you’re growing your own space, online, you’ll never have to wonder about whether or not that space that you occupy will be there working for you, no matter what happens to the social media outlets we know and love.

I put my most important content that I want to share on my blog and on my email list where subscribers can read my thoughts, privately.

Ingreso Cybernetico offers the following tools:

  1. A blog that you can map to your own domain.
  2. Lead capture/opt-in pages.
  3. Sales Pages.
  4. Webinar pages
  5. Upsell pages
  6. Thank you pages that can be used as downsell pages if you like
  7. Web hosting
  8. Foreign Language training
  9. An in-built autoresponder service
  10. A chat application for customer support services on YOUR site or the site of others, should you so choose to provide that kind of service to business owners
  11. Digital products that you can offer for sale on your blog

This is EVERYTHING that online business owners need to get started.  If ALL you want to do is blog and share your blog with others, you can do that.

If you only want to create videos, you can do that, too!

What’s more is that these tools can be used to help grow offline businesses as well.

ANYONE in ANY business can use Ingreso to promote whatever they like…or they can do like me and use it as a primary monetization resource.

It’s a perfectly flexible company, and that’s important to me.

And there you have it!

For the people who have sent me private messages on Facebook, I pray that this article has been clear enough and has answered your questions about why I chose the Ingreso Cybernetico.

Feel free to join me on this journey by clicking the button below this article.  🙂

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Christi Johnson

Christi Johnson is a blogger and a social media marketer.She is also a homeschooling mother and a digital advertising consultant.

She shows people how to use their blog for income and live a life that they have always wanted to live as creative people. If you want to be a content creator AND a great marketer, keep reading, here!