On Being A Marketer Who Loves To Write – May The Two Of Me Continue To Meet!

I Remember How I Was When I First Started Blogging…

The purpose of this article is to show people who want to blog (and create income from blogging!) that they can do so without compromising their values.

It is, indeed, possible to make money from your blog – no matter your site’s focus is! – as long as you set it up the right way and hold firmly to that which you value.

When I first started blogging four years ago, all I did was journal my life.  I had a free WordPress account.  It had the WORST name, ever – Soldierwifelife dot com.

That blog has since been made private, but, while it lasted, it was a lot of fun.

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My Choice For Blog Monetization – Ingreso Cybernetico, The Company Best-Suited For Online Personal Branding!

Do You Want To Know My Mindset Behind Choosing Ingreso Cybernetico To Monetize My Online Properties?

The purpose of this article is to share with you why I chose to go with Ingreso Cybernetico as both my home business and my blog monetization tool of choice.

When I decided to go back into content creation, the one thing I did not want to do was be boring.

Too many of the opportunities that are in the marketplace nowadays for online marketers of all types do not allow you to fully become your own marketer with your own voice.  I didn’t want to have MY voice drowned out by that of my company of choice.

I also did not want to limit people in the way that they could promote their business – should they choose to work with me.  That written, please keep reading to get a clear understanding of Ingreso Cybernetico and my reason behind choosing it.

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JavaScript Mastery Is Simply A Function Of Time

This Has Been The Toughest Almost-Four-Weeks Of My Professional Life!

Seriously, I cannot believe that I am ending week four, here.  The first three weeks were abysmal.  I barely knew what was happening or why, and I was pretty sure that I was going to fail at learning to develop for a living.

If I told you how many times I cried, you’d probably not believe me, but I don’t care.  Anyone out there like me who is putting their heart and soul into learn to code…well…I don’t want you to be shocked if you get to your apprenticeship and find that you hit brick wall after brick wall.   For non-mathy folk, it’s par for the course.

That’s the truth.

If you happen to be considering coming to the program in which I am participating, you’re probably using resources like Code Academy, Khan Academy, or other online resources like Thinkful or Bloc.io.

Whatever your learning resource, you already know that code’s ability to reduce you to tears is a very real thing.

Most men I know won’t cry…but they will walk purposefully out of a room, stare at the screen pensively, or go take a smoke.

Bottom line: Coding. Is. Hard.


…but it’s also fun, once you start to understand what you are looking at, why the lines are functioning the way that they are, and what it is that you want the computer to do for you.

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End Of the First Week In Class…

The First Week Was A Doozy!

This has been the toughest week of my life…professionally.  I have never, EVER been so confused while still understanding bits and pieces of what I am learning. The cool thing is that it’s Friday, and today was the day that the entire apprenticeship got together to talk about successes, failures, and areas where we can grow and keep pushing.

What was nice about today was learning that I am not the only one who feels like they are in over their head. It seems that that is the way that entry-level programmers feel (and established programmers, too, to some extent) because there is always something new to learn.

Here is what we did this week…

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The First Day Of Class – Day Four Of Christi’s Coding Journey

The First Day of Class – Day Four Of The Coding Journey…

In advance, I will warn you that this article is more stream of consciousness than anything…more like a journal entry than my usual articles.  I hope that that isn’t a problem for anyone.  I simply don’t have the time to organize all my thoughts like I normally do.  With that written…

I am SO glad that started two weeks later. Class has not yet begun. I am sitting in an empty section. The section for the class that’s about to graduate is already pretty full. People seem to be very friendly…and relatively quiet.

This may very well be my dream-come-true – a room full of people who only talk when there is something to say. 🙂

Everyone has on headphones. AWESOME!

I am really tired, but I think that adrenaline is going to carry me this first day. I’m already dreaming in code, which is ridiculous. That’s happened before, but I figured it would not happen again until class started. It was strange to dream of sitting in front of the computer, last night, but oh well. This seems to be par for the course

I could not force myself to go to sleep until nearly 2am.

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Days 1-3 On My Journey To Becoming A Software Developer…

I’m Happy To Share My First Three Days Towards Software Development As A Career…

I left home on Friday evening and am now settled into where I will be for the next 9-12 weeks.  Instead of trying to come up with an article every day, I decided to create videos as I was going along so that people coming through cohorts after me will have an idea, from start to finish, what it’s like to do this.

It’s incredibly clear to me, now, that this is an exciting time in education.  The country needs developers, and there are businesses willing to train people like me who want and need a career change.

Please take a look at the video and pictures below if you’d like to get a clear idea of how things are going from day to day.

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About Blogging And Learning To Program In HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

I Am Getting My Head On Straight About How To Use My Blog

So…now that I have begun to blog again, the biggest challenge for me is to come here and get it done on a regular basis. It seems like, whenever I have big plans for this site, they tend to fall apart…

…and I know the reason why: Truth is…I’d much rather use the blog as a journal of sorts than as an authority on something, and it’s my hope that whenever people read things here, they find something of value to them over time.

With that written, let me get into my thoughts for the evening. I pray that you enjoy reading this article.  Please feel free to leave a comment below if you find anything useful.  🙂

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Learning CSS Is Actually Pretty Cool

CSS Is Finally Making Sense To Me!

Each night, after I complete my prerequisite work for the day, I am surprised by how much fun I am having working through these early coding exercises.  I am pretty sure that Javascript is going to kick my butt, but – for now – I am really, REALLY enjoying myself.

The cool thing, today, was to see how using a separate CSS file helps make much of the coding work easier.  Instead of having to type the same thing over and over again each time I create a new paragraph, I can ensure that ALL paragraphs are in one font, all headers are specific sizes, and all my images are aligned however I choose them to be.

After YEARS of seeing CSS written out in my WordPress editor and seeing the editor navigation and not understanding exactly, I can finally look at it and say, “Ahhhh…I know what this is, AND I know what this does!!

It’s so cool!!!

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HTML, CSS, and The Perceived Challenge of Learning Programming

I Am Finally Learning Programming

It’s been two years of [sort of secretly] desiring to take this route to programmer, and I now have been given the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers and coders in the industry.

With the high cost of education, many people are taking alternative routes to learning how to code, and I’m just blessed to count myself in the number or alternate learners.

To call myself excited to be part of a network of education disrupters would be a massive understatement.

I’m absolutely over the moon with joy and gratitude.

Without too much preliminary information, let’s get into what I am learning right now.  This article is designed to offer encouragement for people like me who are in the process of learning how to program or how to do ANYTHING brand new.

First, though…a little background on my educational journey…

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How To Unlock Your Life With Right Action…

PSA: Stop Accepting Every Bit Of Mess That Comes Your Way!

You don’t have to be passive in your life.

You were born to rule and subdue this earth under your hands.

The way that looks is that you take YOUR skills and talents and offer them to the world/marketplace, and then you allow the response you get to help you better define your role and work in life.

Don’t let life define you.

YOU define your life!!

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To Love Extravagantly – Inspired By Shalene Roberts


Today, I am sick.

I am not sure if I have the flu, strep throat, or some awesome combination or malaria, cat allergies, and bronchitis.

Regardless…this Mama is sick.

I would much rather be sleep than awake and writing, but my body hurts so much and my head is hurting from fever so much that I’m more comfortable writing than lying down, flat.

I will go to sleep after sharing this thought.  🙂

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Why I Started Blogging Again…

I Have Missed Having My Blog Running…

…and that’s been a truth for some time, now.

Every now and then, I would log into this site and read over old articles just to remember what it felt like to be an active blogger.  It always felt good.

I was just starting to earn an income from my site and had begun to really get on a roll when I shut it down and made it private…viewable only by me.

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Why I Stopped Blogging

A lot of people have asked me why I stopped blogging for a period of time, and my only answer is this:  I needed time to recover.  I went through – and am on the tail end of – a horrifying divorce.  It rocked my entire world and made me question my credibility in every area of life.


So…I needed to stop blogging for a while, until I could get myself together and remember, again, the things that I truly loved in life…

…the things that I loved and that made me feel good before I was married.

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