How To Keep Blogging For Passive Income When In The Startup Phase Of Your Blog

It Is Important To Keep Your Eyes On The Prize When Blogging For Passive Income

If you want to blog for passive income and financial stability that will carry you when times are tough, this article will help you to maintain focus in the early life of your site.  That written, let’s catch up with what’s been going on with me.

This week at work was incredibly hectic – and emotional.

Not only did my boss lose his job on the day that I was out sick, but my coworkers and I all got new marching orders on what we need to be doing on a day to day basis.  While I enjoy what I do, I have never been so happy to see Friday arrive.

I was EXHAUSTED….and I like my boss a great deal and hope that he lands on his feet quickly.

For the past two days, I have not had time to write like I wanted to, but I am making up for that right now.

The purpose of today’s article is to encourage those of you who might be considering blogging for passive income.  If you are considering it, you need to know that the startup phase is the most difficult one.

Keep reading to learn what to do in the early days of your new blog.

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I Am Incredibly Angry With Google For Not Sharing Keywords In Analytics!

Google Does Not Seem To Be Sharing Keywords In Analytics!  At All!

Ok…so you know that I am tracking my analytics to see where I am getting traffic and how.  Here’s the deal:  Google gives just enough information to me to frustrate me.


Even my handy dandy Webmaster Tools is failing me, right now.  Just…not cool.

My goal, today, was to NOT check my analytics.  I wanted to wait a full two days before doing it, again, but after a writing an article this morning, my curiosity was just too high.

Want to see what I found?

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Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog – February 18th, 2014 Update

Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog Is A Lot Of Fun When You Watch Your Analytics Like I Do!

Well…I tell you…

…this morning, I got up and got myself ready for work.  I still have a bit of body aches and a mild fever, but I could almost ignore it because I know that my focus right now is getting traffic to this “baby” blog of mine.

It’s difficult to be really, really sick when you’re really, really excited like I am.

I thought that I would hold out looking at my analytics for a day…

…but no dice.


This is too much fun.  Keep reading to see what I learned, today.  (If you want to see my first update, it’s right here.)

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Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog – February 17th, 2014 Update

Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog Isn’t Easy – Or Is It?

This article is designed to share with you that you can get traffic to your brand new blog from the search engines and from social media sharing.  It is also designed to share with you the proof of my traffic growth from day one.

Day one, for me was Thursday, February 13, 2014.

I have owned this domain for a few years, and I used to blog here all the time…but I shut the blog down last year and have only now come back to it.

Because my previous traffic has COMPLETELY dried up, I have the rare opportunity to show my readers how to build traffic from the ground floor of blog creation.  I want to encourage people who think that creating income online on your OWN blog is near to impossible.

It’s not.  You can ABSOLUTELY get traffic to a brand new blog, but there are a few things that you have to do as you start.  Keep reading to go on this journey with me.

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