How To Start Blogging, Step 2 – Buy Hosting

If You Want To Start Blogging, You Need Hosting

This article is designed to walk you through the steps of getting a host and is the second article in my new blogger series.

The first article is here.

Finding a host provider is the second step in your blogging journey.  I’m not going to get overly technical, here, but there are a few things that you need to understand about hosts.

First of all…you might be asking yourself…what IS a host provider?

Well, in layman’s terms, a host provider is a company that takes the domain name that you just purchased and puts it on a server so that your domain has the ability to have an actual, visual place on the Internet.

Your hosting can be shared or private.  Shared is exactly what it sounds like  You share space on a server with others.  Private is also exactly like it sounds.  You can have your own server.  The average new blogger usually gets shared hosting, and you probably should, too.

Bottom line…without a host, no one can “see” your website.

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How To Start Blogging, Step 1 – Buy A Domain Name

There Are, Indeed, First Steps To Blogging

The very first physical step in becoming a blogger is in purchasing a domain name. There is no way in the world to make your written thoughts visible to the world without purchasing one…

…and this article is designed to help you understand what a domain is and why it needs a name. Please pay attention, closely if you’re new to blogging.

This first step of many should help you a lot and keep you from making some costly mistakes as you move forward in your new career. [Read more…]