Getting Traffic To Your Blog As A New Blogger Or Marketer

Here’s An Update On My Journey, Thus Far – The Dual Challenges of Traffic Generation And Career-Changing…

This article is designed to update you on what’s been happening with me and also to share with you what I have learned about getting traffic to your website.  I pray that this is a useful update/tutorial for you.

With that written…

…it’s been an interesting summer.  I went to a software development apprenticeship for nine weeks to learn . net development and came away from that experience as someone who can add functionality to a website…

…but I could NEVER develop an entire software application with what I know, right now. If you’d like, read here to see the start of my journey.

NOPE.  I’m not that woman.  I’m not sure that I ever will be.  :\

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Why I Left LiveFyre For the Disqus Commenting System

I Stopped Using LiveFyre, Tonight

And the reason wasn’t really that deep for me.  The short and skinny of it is that I have used Disqus a number of times on other peoples’ blogs, and I always enjoy the experience.  I can vote comments up or down, and people are not required to login to comment – unless they just really feel compelled to do so.

I have also noticed that my spam is on the uptick, and I was growing weary of having to moderate it so much.

The spam never made it through LiveFyre’s filter and ended up being public on my blog, but I could still see it on the back side of the blog.  Deleting was becoming a pain.  In the end, my switch came down to aesthetics.  Let me explain…

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How To Keep Blogging For Passive Income When In The Startup Phase Of Your Blog

It Is Important To Keep Your Eyes On The Prize When Blogging For Passive Income

If you want to blog for passive income and financial stability that will carry you when times are tough, this article will help you to maintain focus in the early life of your site.  That written, let’s catch up with what’s been going on with me.

This week at work was incredibly hectic – and emotional.

Not only did my boss lose his job on the day that I was out sick, but my coworkers and I all got new marching orders on what we need to be doing on a day to day basis.  While I enjoy what I do, I have never been so happy to see Friday arrive.

I was EXHAUSTED….and I like my boss a great deal and hope that he lands on his feet quickly.

For the past two days, I have not had time to write like I wanted to, but I am making up for that right now.

The purpose of today’s article is to encourage those of you who might be considering blogging for passive income.  If you are considering it, you need to know that the startup phase is the most difficult one.

Keep reading to learn what to do in the early days of your new blog.

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I Am Incredibly Angry With Google For Not Sharing Keywords In Analytics!

Google Does Not Seem To Be Sharing Keywords In Analytics!  At All!

Ok…so you know that I am tracking my analytics to see where I am getting traffic and how.  Here’s the deal:  Google gives just enough information to me to frustrate me.


Even my handy dandy Webmaster Tools is failing me, right now.  Just…not cool.

My goal, today, was to NOT check my analytics.  I wanted to wait a full two days before doing it, again, but after a writing an article this morning, my curiosity was just too high.

Want to see what I found?

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How To Start Blogging, Step 2 – Buy Hosting

If You Want To Start Blogging, You Need Hosting

This article is designed to walk you through the steps of getting a host and is the second article in my new blogger series.

The first article is here.

Finding a host provider is the second step in your blogging journey.  I’m not going to get overly technical, here, but there are a few things that you need to understand about hosts.

First of all…you might be asking yourself…what IS a host provider?

Well, in layman’s terms, a host provider is a company that takes the domain name that you just purchased and puts it on a server so that your domain has the ability to have an actual, visual place on the Internet.

Your hosting can be shared or private.  Shared is exactly what it sounds like  You share space on a server with others.  Private is also exactly like it sounds.  You can have your own server.  The average new blogger usually gets shared hosting, and you probably should, too.

Bottom line…without a host, no one can “see” your website.

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Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog – February 18th, 2014 Update

Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog Is A Lot Of Fun When You Watch Your Analytics Like I Do!

Well…I tell you…

…this morning, I got up and got myself ready for work.  I still have a bit of body aches and a mild fever, but I could almost ignore it because I know that my focus right now is getting traffic to this “baby” blog of mine.

It’s difficult to be really, really sick when you’re really, really excited like I am.

I thought that I would hold out looking at my analytics for a day…

…but no dice.


This is too much fun.  Keep reading to see what I learned, today.  (If you want to see my first update, it’s right here.)

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How Blogs Create Passive Income – You Can Create Passive Income!

Are You Trying To Learn How Blogs Help To Create Passive Income?

Blogs help to create passive income by being around and working on your behalf when you are nowhere NEAR the Internet.  A blog is like a big, fat business card, working for you when you are not physically working.

One, major challenge with creating a blog is in overcoming the technical overwhelm that most new bloggers face.  I want to help with that.

I am in the process of creating a series of how-to articles for new bloggers, but I pray that the articles I write in the meantime are still encouraging to you.

If you’re trying to learn how to create a passive income with a blog from the ground floor, please keep reading.

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Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog – February 17th, 2014 Update

Getting Traffic To Your Brand New Blog Isn’t Easy – Or Is It?

This article is designed to share with you that you can get traffic to your brand new blog from the search engines and from social media sharing.  It is also designed to share with you the proof of my traffic growth from day one.

Day one, for me was Thursday, February 13, 2014.

I have owned this domain for a few years, and I used to blog here all the time…but I shut the blog down last year and have only now come back to it.

Because my previous traffic has COMPLETELY dried up, I have the rare opportunity to show my readers how to build traffic from the ground floor of blog creation.  I want to encourage people who think that creating income online on your OWN blog is near to impossible.

It’s not.  You can ABSOLUTELY get traffic to a brand new blog, but there are a few things that you have to do as you start.  Keep reading to go on this journey with me.

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How To Start Blogging, Step 1 – Buy A Domain Name

There Are, Indeed, First Steps To Blogging

The very first physical step in becoming a blogger is in purchasing a domain name. There is no way in the world to make your written thoughts visible to the world without purchasing one…

…and this article is designed to help you understand what a domain is and why it needs a name. Please pay attention, closely if you’re new to blogging.

This first step of many should help you a lot and keep you from making some costly mistakes as you move forward in your new career. [Read more…]

50 Expandable Blog Topics You Can Use To Help You Blog Daily

50+ Blog Topics Just For You!

I am almost constantly barraged with questions about blog topics to use each day. Because of that, I am sharing a list with you that will help you get ideas for blogging. The list isn’t short.  There are 50 items.

Most bloggers get stuck every now and then, but when one of your daily requirements is to blog and you cannot get around that work requirement, you can get overwhelmed easily.  To combat that, I will share some blog topics with you that will help you a great deal.

The only thing you will need to do with these topics is format and edit to make it 100% your article.  No one needs to ever know that you got blog topic ideas from me.  Deal?  😉  That written, let’s get to the list

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The Big List Of Facebook Groups – Business And Personal Groups

List Of Facebook Groups

This is a list of groups on Facebook where you can promote your business, get to know others who are entrepreneurs, syndicate your blog, and learn how to better be a home based business owner. Some of these groups allow for link dropping and some do not. You need to check each group so that you do not spam and end up getting kicked out of the group.

As a rule of thumb, do not EVER drop links into a group using an auto poster if you are not 100% sure of what the group is all about. I recommend watching the group for at least a week to get a feeling for what it’s about and how the members interact with one another. This is CRUCIAL.

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Best RSS Reader – Why I Use Feed Demon To Make Reading And Syndicating Easy!

The Best RSS Reader Can Help You!

If you are looking for the best RSS reader available, I have found what I think is the best one out there for the price and the time it takes to get up and running for a basic user. For a blogger who is looking for the best RSS reader, I may have found it.

In order to interact with other bloggers, keep up with great sites and do a great job at syndication, I believe that Feed Demon can really help you cut down on time spent surfing from site to site and on the time it takes for you to make your comments.

To help you better determine the best RSS reader for yourself, I have a video down below to help you get a better visual on Feed Demon. With that said, let’s dig in to why I started using this tool and why you should consider doing so too.

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