Best RSS Reader – Why I Use Feed Demon To Make Reading And Syndicating Easy!

The Best RSS Reader Can Help You!

If you are looking for the best RSS reader available, I have found what I think is the best one out there for the price and the time it takes to get up and running for a basic user. For a blogger who is looking for the best RSS reader, I may have found it.

In order to interact with other bloggers, keep up with great sites and do a great job at syndication, I believe that Feed Demon can really help you cut down on time spent surfing from site to site and on the time it takes for you to make your comments.

To help you better determine the best RSS reader for yourself, I have a video down below to help you get a better visual on Feed Demon. With that said, let’s dig in to why I started using this tool and why you should consider doing so too.

Having The Best RSS Reader Will Help You Work Faster

If you are anything like me (a blogger), then finding the best RSS reader is really important to your daily activities. I used Google Reader for years, but over time, I got tired of having to go online in order to read my favorite blogs.

I did like the social activity that was connected first to Google Buzz and then to Google Plus, but that social component is about to be phased out of Google Reader, and that’s just about the biggest benefit for me in using the big G’s RSS reader.  I needed a “new” best RSS reader for work and for leisure.

What I Needed To Determine The Best RSS Reader For Me

  1. Something that didn’t require me to sign up for anything.
  2. Something that cut down on or eliminate my need to surf the Internet. (I was not sure how that was even possible, but I was hopeful.)
  3. Something that was remarkably low cost or free.
  4. Something that is not a resource hog like Skype can be.
  5. Something that would show the sites as they are.
  6. Something that would not interfere with my virus protection.
  7. Something that would allow me to avoid my email inbox. Email is more distracting to me than Facebook.  🙂

 The Best RSS Reader Needs To Be easy To Use…And This Is!

What was very surprising is that Feed Demon met all of my requirements for the best RSS Reader to help me get my work done quickly each day.  I can type in “feed” as the extension for most blogs and get the feed.  No more subscribing via email!  Also…it’s free. It doesn’t take up much room on my hard drive, either, and that’s always a plus!

Blogs show up as they actually exist online.  It keeps me safe…and I can comment as though I am actually online.  I have to write it again; not having to use email is the best feature to me.  I don’t enjoy having to open email and then click links to  read or comment.  I would much rather do it all in one setting.  Feed Demon allows me to do that, and that is why it is the best RSS reader for my purposes.

Please take a look at the video below to see why I believe that Feed Demon is the best RSS reader out there for the basic blog hopper and commenter.  I pray this has been useful to you!

 A Video Overview Of Feed Demon


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