50 Expandable Blog Topics You Can Use To Help You Blog Daily

50+ Blog Topics Just For You!

I am almost constantly barraged with questions about blog topics to use each day. Because of that, I am sharing a list with you that will help you get ideas for blogging. The list isn’t short.  There are 50 items.

Most bloggers get stuck every now and then, but when one of your daily requirements is to blog and you cannot get around that work requirement, you can get overwhelmed easily.  To combat that, I will share some blog topics with you that will help you a great deal.

The only thing you will need to do with these topics is format and edit to make it 100% your article.  No one needs to ever know that you got blog topic ideas from me.  Deal?  😉  That written, let’s get to the list

Below Is A List Of Blog Topics.  Use Liberally.  Write Often!

Keep in mind that when using this list, you can take variations of this and expand the list as much as you like.  Enjoy!

 List of 50 Expandable Blog Topics

  1. Your favorite day of the week and why.
  2. Your favorite month and why.
  3. Your favorite color and why.
  4. Your favorite childhood memory and why.
  5. Your favorite season and why.
  6. Your favorite elementary school memory and why.
  7. Your favorite elementary school teacher and why.
  8. Your favorite cartoon and why.
  9. Your favorite dessert and why.
  10. Your favorite cold drink and why.
  11. Your favorite hot drink and why.
  12. Your favorite vacation destination and why.
  13. Your favorite dream vacation destination and why.
  14. Three goals you want to accomplish in the next six months and why
  15. Two goals you want to accomplish in the next year and why.
  16. Where you want to be in 5 years and why.
  17. Why you love your faith and how you became a Christian/Muslim/Buddhist, etc.
  18. Why you love babies.
  19. 10 Random facts about (you name it) – babies, flowers, bugs, ice cream, ground beef, marriage, couches, the Postal service, guns, tornadoes, food, candy, soda, peanuts, feet, fingernails, bed bugs, cable television…you get the point.
  20. 10 Random facts about your town/city/state/street/neighbors.co-workers/company….you get the point.
  21. 5 important things to know about entrepreneurship/shoes/public restrooms/ironing…you get it.
  22. Why people should never (you name it)…ie dance outside in a thunderstorm, sit on a public toilet, spank another adult’s child, sleep less than 2 hours per night, etc.
  23. 10 Things you didn’t know about (you name it)…Congress, Cancer, soul music, Santa Claus, Facebook, panties, dandruff, pink slime…you get the drift.
  24. How to (you name it)…get married to the person of your dreams and prayers, get a toddler to go to sleep, get pregnant using egg whites, grow your hair, keep fresh breath, do social media marketing, etc…
  25. 40 things that make you laugh.
  26. 100 things that make you smile.
  27. 15 things you will never do.
  28. 15 things you always wanted to do.
  29. 10 worst memories.
  30. 5 best Youtube videos you’ve ever watched.
  31. 10 ways to have fun with your toddler.
  32. How to plan for (you name it)…retirement, marriage, home schooling, a six-month vacation, etc…
  33. How to earn $1000 in the next 30 days.
  34. How to make your yard green and weed-free.
  35. Where to find (you name it), green tomatoes, slugs, poisonous butterflies…
  36. Big list of (you name it) – Facebook groups, job boards, churches in Fayetteville, NC, network marketing companies.
  37. Review of (you name it) – Article Marketing Robot, Empower Network, Spam (email), Spam (food), Pinehurst #2 Golf course, etc…
  38. An Honest Review of (Person’s name) as a leader in the home business industry.  Get permission first!!
  39. 5 TV shows you don’t want to miss.
  40. The 3 Best beaches in (whatever state/whatever country, etc).
  41. 5 lead generation tactics that do not work.
  42. 5 lead generation tactics that always work.
  43. What you did today
  44. How to make a (you name it) – fruit smoothie, veggie smoothie, apple pie, pair of pants, etc.
  45. Where to find (you name it)
  46. What you plan to do tomorrow.
  47. Video tutorials of all types.
  48. Video SEO tutorials.
  49. Video Relationship tutorials.
  50. Information on animals of all types.  Do an article per animal.

Now That You Have A List, Get To Writing!

This list could go on and one, but I am sure that you understand.  I pray that this has been helpful to you!  I use something on this list every day, and I rarely struggle for blog topics.  If you simplify, you’ll find that writing can get easier with each day.

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Christi Johnson

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